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Erie County Cultural Heritage Plan

This Cultural Heritage Plan for Erie County presents a strategy that will support Countywide historic and cultural preservation efforts over the next five to seven years.

In many respects, local governments, property owners, businesses, grassroots advocates, heritage organizations, historic societies, preservation professionals, institutions of higher learning, and others are making a lot of headway in preservation efforts. Nonetheless, all of these admirable, individual efforts can be unified by an overarching strategy to ensure that the County’s full spectrum of meaningful places, sites, objects, and traditions are recognized and given equal access to the help needed to assure they become long-term economic and quality-of-life assets for future generations.

The main focus of this Plan is to better ensure that the assets targeted for preservation in Erie County are being considered equitably and with an eye to the future. The ultimate goal is for the County’s collection of historic and cultural assets to remain relevant in the modern world, adapted to the needs of today’s population, and attractive to future residents, businesses, investors, and visitors. Although historic and cultural preservation efforts will continue to face challenges, these resources offer boundless long-term opportunities that should not be offhandedly lost to the sometimes-easier path of demolition and new construction; because, once a historic asset is gone, it is gone forever.


Erie County Cultural Heritage Plan Pdf
FINAL ( 8-15-2017 )  



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