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Mounted Posse

The Erie County Sheriff's Mounted Posse is similar to the Rescue and Scuba Divisions in that it is comprised of volunteer members. It was established as a nonprofit service organization under the supervision of the Sheriff in the 1950s. Its members, however, are all sworn Special Deputy Sheriffs. Riders and their horses have participated in special training for mounted police units and members maintain their own horse and equipment and provide their own transportation to wherever they are needed within the county.

The Mounted Posse is available to provide emergency security, participate in secured searches and special duties assigned by the Sheriff. Members are also available for mounted and foot duty.

The use of horses has several advantages. They provide a higher vantage point than a person on the ground. They allow for faster access to remote areas. They also give the mounted unit the ability to search large areas faster than a person on foot.

The Mounted Posse sponsors a trail ride as a community service. Members also participate in drills with volunteer fire departments, as well as ride in local parades.

For more information about the Posse or information on how to obtain an application, contact:

Captain Bernie Czarnecki - 814-449-0930

1st Lieutenant Jim Heidecker - 814-450-5232

2nd Lieutenant Dale Blair - 814-450-4224

Desk Lieutenant Gail Rozantz - 814-450-5696

Mailing Address:
9981 Pine Street
Lake City PA 16423

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