Erie County Sheriff's Office

Civil Division - Fees

Civil Process Forms: $75 deposit per defendant per filing
Writs of Execution: $300 deposit per filing
We will refund any credit due or bill you if there is a balance due.
Each service requires a completed Process Record Form be mailed along with a check to:

Erie County Sheriff's Office
140 West 6th Street
Erie, PA 16501

About Civil Division

The Erie County Sheriff's Office Civil Division is responsible for the physical service of a wide variety of Court Orders, Writs, Executions, Summons, Tax Liens, Subpoenas and Protection from Abuse Orders, and other actions.

At the present time, the Erie County Sheriff's Office Civil Division consists of 2-Lieutenants and Deputies.

Lt. Martin Davis is in charge of Courthouse Security and the Court of Common Pleas. Lt. Bill Fenton controls day-to-day operations of all Civil Process and Protection from Abuse Orders.

Approximately 14,003 Civil Complaints, including Levies and Protection from Abuse Orders were served in 2013



Sheriff John Loomis
Chief Deputy Jeff Guild
Captain Chris Campanelli
Lt. Bill Fenton
Lt. Martin Davis

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