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Are You Ready? A Guide to Citizen Preparedness brings together facts on disaster survival techniques, disaster-specific information, and how to prepare for and respond to both natural and man-made disasters.

As the most comprehensive guide to personal emergency preparedness published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Are You Ready? will help individuals prepare themselves and their families for disasters.

Revised in September 2002, Are You Ready? provides a step-by-step outline on how to prepare a disaster supply kit, emergency planning for people with disabilities, how to locate and evacuate to a shelter, and even contingency planning for family pets. Man-made threats from hazardous materials and terrorism are also treated in detail. The guide details opportunities for every citizen to become involved in safeguarding their neighbors and communities through FEMA's Citizen Corps ( ) initiative and Community Emergency Response Team training program.

Copies of Are You Ready? A Guide to Citizen Preparedness are available through the FEMA Publications warehouse (1.800.480.2520), FEMA publication H-34. 




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Are You Ready? A Guide To Citizen Preparedness (Separated by Sections)

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  Pdf Introduction -- 569 KB
        Pdf General Preparedness Information -- 1.14 MB
            Creating a disaster plan
               Emergency planning for people with special needs
               Disaster supply kits
        Pdf Emergency Planning and Disaster Supplies -- 654 KB
        Pdf Evacuation -- 63 KB 
        Pdf Shelter -- 260 KB
             Long-term in-place sheltering
                Staying in a mass care shelter
        Pdf Mitigation -- 562 KB 
        Pdf Animals in Disaster -- 927 KB 
        Pdf Recovering From Disaster -- 93 KB


  Pdf Natural Hazards -- 396 KB
       Pdf Floods -- 1.26 MB 
       Pdf Hurricanes -- 485 KB 
       Pdf Thunderstorms -- 857 KB
       Pdf Winter Storms and Extreme Cold -- 636 KB 
       Pdf Extreme Heat (Heat Wave) -- 104 KB
              Emergency water shortages 
       Pdf Earthquakes -- 667 KB 
       Pdf Volcanoes -- 301 KB 
       Pdf Landslide and Debris Flow (Mudslide) -- 356 KB 
       Pdf Tsunamis -- 808 KB 
       Pdf Fire -- 746 KB
              Wildland fires


  Pdf Technological & Man-Made Hazards -- 1.26 MB
       Pdf Hazardous Materials Incidents -- 375 KB
              Household chemical emergencies 
       Pdf Nuclear Power Plants -- 414 KB 
       Pdf National Security Emergencies -- 628 KB
             Chemical and biological weapons
             Nuclear and radiological attack
             Homeland security advisory system 
  Pdf For More Information -- 651 KB
      Citizen Corps
        Disaster Public Education web sites
        Independent study courses
       CDC- Zombie Preparedness Guide  

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