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Did you know?


  • There is a very good chance that your neighborhood/city will be on its own during the early stages following a catastrophic disaster.
  • After a catastrophic disaster, citizens will volunteer to help.  Without proper training these people can expose themselves to potential injury and even death.
  • Experience has shown that basic training in disaster survival and rescue skills improves the ability of citizens to survive until responders or other assistance arrives.


The City of Erie and Erie County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program:


The City of Erie and Erie County CERT program has become a part of a national network of CERT communities and had developed a grogram this is designed to help neighborhoods/cities prepare for and respond after catastrophic disasters such as tornadoes, ice/snow storms and other major emergencies.


CERT Course Content:


The basic course will include those components necessary to get the team started and become capable of performing basic CERT functions.  Each member MUST complete four five hour classes in the following areas to complete the training.  Classes will be scheduled to accommodate the team.  Team size will be no more than 15 citizens.


  • Disaster Preparedness:  Instructs team members how to prepare themselves and their neighborhoods/city for the various hazards that may occur.
  • Team Organization and Disaster Psychology:  Addresses organization and management principles necessary for a CERT to operate successfully.  Covers critical incident stress for victims as well as workers.
  • Disaster Medical Operations:  Team members will learn how to conduct triage, establish medical treatment areas, and provide basic first aid/cpr for victims.
  • Damage Assessment:  Team members will learn how to rapidly assess damage employing a standardized format.
  • Fire Safety:  Fire chemistry, Hazardous Materials, Fire suppression safety and Firefighting resources.
  • Light Search and Rescue:  Team members will learn light search and rescue planning, techniques and rescuer safety.


Some other courses that will be available are:


  • Terrorism Awareness
  • Communications
  • Traffic Control




What is a CERT member?

A CERT member is a person who is training to prepare for and respond after a disaster in their neighborhood/city.  A group of ten or more members comprise a team.


Who may join a CERT?

Anyone who is interested in helping his or her neighborhood/city prepares for a disaster and provides assistance afterward.  Team training is required.  You must be able to lift 70 pounds, have a driver’s license and a vehicle.


What is the cost?

All training and materials are free of charge.


Where can I get more information?

Contact: Dale Robinson at (814) 451-7920
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Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program

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