LEPC Executive Board Meeting

ECDOPS Public Safety Center

2880 Flower Road

November 13, 2015


Attendance: Jim Carstater, Bruce Eicher, Joe Walko, Dale Robinson, John R. Grappy, Bob Gandley, Gabe Miehl, John Kelly, Nicole Fuller


Call To Order (8am)


  1. EMA Report – Dale Robinson
    1. EMA Coordinator’s Report – Introduced John Kelly, new EMA Specialist.  Background – Still in Coast Guard, 14 yrs., until November when he reenlists in the Reserves, Hurricane Preparedness, Responded to Katrina, International Instructor of ICS.
    2. Crude Oil Plan – Still working on. They are waiting on responses back from the Municipalities.  Another reminder was sent out.  Dale is trying to meet with the President of the Fish & Boat Commission trying to get a stockpile of boom at the end of streams before it hits the lake. 
    3. Coastal Zone Management Grant – $8,000 this is going to be used for the boom for the streams. 
    4. Title 35 Rewrite – working on getting everyone’s ideas. PEMA put in travel restrictions, School, Daycare, Nursing home plans.
    5. Plans – John Kelly is working on getting updated school plans, daycare, nursing home, hospital plans, etc. and a digital copy as well. 


  1. Financial Report – Dale Robinson
    1. Budget and Expenses – No budget expense for the meeting, do not foresee any issues. 
    2. Tier II Fees/Grants/Pay in lieu of – Did a little bit above normal for this year.
    3. Capital Budget/Depreciation Planning – Not discussed.


  1. Hazmat Team Report – Gabe Miehl
    1. 3am October 5th, Assisted Fairfield, Bonnie Brae and Route 5, Hazmat was called for an unusual smell.  Photoionization detector plus the Hazmat ID, tested many things but ended up being an unusual smell. 
    2. Tuesday October 20th is Hazmat Recertification, observed exercise at Perry Hi-Ways training grounds.  Chlorine Mach Response. 
    3. County Executive Dahlkemper rode in the 808 Hazmat vehicle in the Albion Parade. 


  1. Public Safety Report – John R. Grappy
    1. Director’s Comments – Submitted the Public Safety Budget Proposal for 2016, this was accepted with no changes by the County Executive. Was presented to County Council on October 1st
    2. We have requested a new EMA position.  Public Outreach, Training, Exercise Coordinator.  Right now it is fully funded by county dollars/general fund.  $30,000/yr. plus benefits. This is the only new position that Public Safety is asking for this year.
    3.  Act 12, 911 legislation – with revenue there is a savings of $700,000 of general fund money based on eligibility of increased funding based on interim formula will go from 3.2 mil/year to just over 5 mil/yr. 
    4. Hazard Mitigation Plan – a grant was applied for but we have also budgeted 75-25 match which expires in 2017.  The amount of $51,000 was based on a budgetary quote.
    5. Next Generation Radio System – There was planning sessions scheduled with the consultants, Public Safety and the Public Safety community on September 9th.  These are to develop the request for proposal for the radio manufacturer, to be out for bid the first week in November.  FCC Licensing, engineering and looking at potential sites, these projects continue to be worked on. 


  1. Public Safety Advisory Committee – John Grappy
    1. Executive Meeting – Next meeting is on October 14, 2015 – Subcommittees have been formed, some moving more quickly than others.  For example – the EMS Subcommittee is developing a County wide regional EMS plan, fact sheet.  They are having regional meetings throughout the County to review the plan with County EMS agencies. Law Subcommittee is working on a new Law Dispatch Protocol System and Law Record Management System.  EMA Subcommittee is working or Title 35.  Legislative Subcommittee is working on Networking with PA Fire and Emergency Services Institute and coordinating back and forth.  911 legislation, Title 35 rewrite Government Dinner is on February 12th at the Erie Maennerchor Club.   


  1. New Business
    1. EPA Region III Inspection/Investigation Work Plan – We have submitted out list back to the EPA.  When they arrange inspections they will let us know what date and time.


  1. Subcommittee Mission Statement – Working on each subcommittee coming up with a mission statement to better gear their group on what they should do. 


  1. State Required Refresher Exercise – October 20, 2015 @ PHHC – 17:30 Hours – Discussed above in Hazmat section.


  1. Old Business
    1. Reporting and Compliance Seminar – Gabe Miehl – 51 people attended.  Next step is emailing everyone a follow-up (PowerPoint presentations).  Creating certificates to send out.  Good feedback.  It was suggested to have a smaller scale exercise in one of the facilities in the future.  We are looking into a date for next year. 
    2. Commodity Flow Study – this is set up and waiting on grant to pay for this. 
    3. Central Information Project/Intern – Joe Hudson, still working on.
    4. Strategic Plan – Was cancelled and was not rescheduled as of yet.  Need to pick a date.
    5. Disclaimer on Facebook – Looking into a disclaimer.  We have prevented people to be able to post things on the website.  Hopefully this will help with the site not being monitored 24/7. 
    6. SafeTown – Report a problem selection.  You can report a non-emergency through this link.  There is a possibility the new owner may be discontinuing this product.
    7.  Text-to-911 – 2 have been tested and the other two are testing as early as next week.  Will be launched when all 4 carriers are set up.  Should be up in the next month. 


  1. Good of the Order


Next Meeting – General Committee: November 13, 2015, 8am @ ECDOPS


Meeting adjourned: Motion to adjourn made by Bruce Eicher, all in favor.  Adjourned 9:25am




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