LEPC General Meeting Minutes
ECDOPS Public Safety Center
2880 Flower Road
September 8th, 2017

Attendance: Brian Mesaros, Russell Bieniek, Gabriel Miehl, John Kelly, Melissa Lyon, Scott Newell, Chris Nutter, Charles Ramsey, Dale Robinson, Kale Asp, Joe Walko, Jim Carstater, John Poshka, Bruce Eicher and John Grappy.

EMA Report:

  • General Report – Dale Robinson
    • Updated EOP
    • Been getting a lot of calls from the nursing homes. We have been getting points of contacts for each agency.
    • We were informed at our last Task Force meeting that there is no update to the Title 35 Rewrite.
    • Financial Report – Brian Mesaros
      • Still at $46,125 for the year in collections.
      • Responses – Brian Mesaros
        • We were on standby last week as a tractor trailer pulled over at a rest stop in Springfield and noticed the back of the trailer was on fire due to the brakes. The whole trailer had car parts except the last 8 feet had barrels of sodium chlorate. All the barrels sustained heat damage but no spills.
        • General Report – Brian Mesaros
          • The Rail Safety Plan has been updated, just waiting to meet with John and Dale before scheduling the regional meetings.
          • Earlier in the year we went to County Council and passed an Ordinance solidifying are response fees and costs. We did this because we only had Title 135 stating we could do it, but nothing to show why and how we establish these fees.
          • Tier 2 reporting has been pretty good. We only have a couple companies that have not responded and are currently being investigated.
          • Outreach Event – Gabe Miehl
            • We have time booked with ASSC on October 18th, a good time to take the new plans and incorporate the AWA.
            • Waiting to hear from West County.

Public Safety Report:

  • General Report -  Charlie Ramsey, Dale Robinson and Kale Asp
    • We received notice this week that Harborcreek Fire Department was awarded the AFG Grant for just under $204,000.00.
    • Tier 2 funds will be awarded at the end of October
    • Radio Project is moving along. There is currently an RFP for construction of towers and shelters.
    • Good of the Order:
      • Trainings
        • Pipeline class October 5th
        • First weekend in November is the Ohio State Hazmat Conference
        • Hazmat IQ Propane course is October 23rd and 24th
        • Department of Health Biological PPE training is September 22nd and there are still seats available.
  • GE Events
    • Propylene leak inside a cylinder – we evacuated building 6 and cut the power. An employee hit the cylinder and jarred the valve.
    • Lindy operator over filled a liquid nitrogen tank – liquid nitrogen got into the distribution lines and started popping pressure release inside building 42.
  • For anyone that has rope rescue capabilities Harborcreek FD is hosting a class on October 14th and 15th.
  • We are moving forward with renaming the Large Training Room here at Public Safety in honor of Jim Petrone.
  • Meeting Adjourned: Meeting adjourned at 08:38AM.

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