LEPC General Committee Meeting

ECDOPS Public Safety Center

2880 Flower Road

May 8, 2015


Attendance: Russ Bieniek, Derek Carlins, Jim Carstater, Matt Comi, Lyne Daniels, Bruce Eicher, Matt Elwell, Phil Fatica, Nicole Fuller, Bob Gandley, John Grappy, George Kickel, Bill Malia, Brian Mesaros, Gabe Miehl, Theresa Naim, Jim Petrone, Tony Pol, Dale Robinson, Jim Rosenbaum, Richard Stebell, Joe Walko


Call To Order (8am)


There was a moment of silence in Remembrance of Rik Mirth.


EMA Report

  1. General Report – Dale Robinson
    1. EOP/PATTS Update – EOP was passed by council.  PATTS is up and running. 


  1. IUVO Bio Science Incident Update – Off-site release on March 31st, there was 533 pounds of ethaline oxide gas.  They reported to the NRC but failed to report to LEPC and failed to in act their offsite release plan by failing to contact 911.  Next step is sending a notice of alleged violation, once written a copy goes to the CIRC and one goes to the office of the attorney general and then they have 60 days to take action on it.  After 120 days if they take no action, we then take action.  ACT 165 says fine after 120 days.  Dale and LEPC will draft the letter.  It will go to Director Grappy, the County Executive and the County Solicitor on LEPC letterhead.  Brian will talk to the DEP. 


  1. Financial Report – Brian Mesaros
    1. Budget and Expenses – Passed around the budgets from the Hazmat and HMRF accounts.  An application has been put in for the next round of the HMRF grant.  They will be reviewed and we will receive notification of what we will get for the next grant.


  1. Tier II Fees/Grants/Pay In Lieu Of – So far this year we have recovered $43,100 from 236 of 248 facilities have reported.  The letters to the 12 that have not reported and those that have not paid fees and the EHS’s that have not reported these letters will be mailed out.  Dale mentioned those that do not report and do not have to pay fees, suggesting that maybe we entertain a county ordinance saying if you fail to submit in a timely fashion, putting something in about late fees. 


  1. Hazmat Billing Procedure – Has been discussed, but this has not been presented formally.  This is being decided per the price.  It was mentioned, $1,000 to $13,000 as the fee.  This fee needs to be decided to maintain the team.  These fees mitigate response, you cannot make a profit.  John mentioned the County Executive saying possibly $5,000 or $6,000. 


  1. Capital Budget/Depreciation Planning – This topic was not discussed.






  1. Hazmat Team Report – Brian Mesaros
    1. Training – Hazmat IQ set up for July 26, 2015 8am-5pm.  This will be open to all fire departments.  This is a good class for recognizing and identification for first responders.  The class is reimbursed 80% through the HMEP grant.

Western winds exercise with Albion Borough and Fire Department the committee has been cancelled.  This is to do with dates and different events that went on.  The fire chief still wants to do a full scale exercise in Albion with the water treatment plant sometime in September or October for recertification for next year.  This will probably be at the water treatment plant.


  1. Responses – This topic was not discussed.


  1. Pads and Booms/Rad Meter Distribution & Training Program – Randy Tripp received all the dates for drill night so that we can organize the distribution.  The CERT team will distribute and use this as a logistics exercise.  Rad meters will be taken to the fire departments at the same time. 


Public Safety Report – John Grappy

  1. Director’s Comments – 911 Legislative Update – House bill 911 passed on Monday May 4th.  This is now in senate. 


GIS Pictometry – Ariel Photography was completed the week of April 27th.  The last time that this was completed was 2009.  This was contracted for 2 flyovers in a 6 year period.  Erie County Municipalities will be able to get copies of the pictometry.


Emergency Management contract with MCM to form a program review as well as a human capital needs assessment, the draft was finalized on Monday and the report will be forthcoming in the next couple weeks.  Presentations will be made to Public Safety and County Executive about possible additions to employment and enhancing the Emergency Management program in Erie County. 


  1. Advisory Committee Update – The first organizational meeting will be Tuesday May 19, 2015 at 10am.  We will review by-laws and hopefully have the executive board in place and give a program briefing and a tour of ECDOPS.  The Executive board will meet with Public Safety staff on a monthly basis and the general and subcommittee board will meet on a quarterly basis.  Indications are that the senate is committed in one form or another to move this bill forward by June 30, 2015.  For a proposed surcharge of $1.65.  This went on to be discussed further in detail. 


  1. Radio Project – Funding for Phase one is in place.  Bi-weekly meetings are still being held with MCM consulting working on FCC Licensing, RF Engineering, Land search for future development of towers if needed and the development for request for proposals.  The week of April 16th we had 6 vendors to review technical specifications with MCM and Public Safety Project Management team. John is working on a system user agreement which would be signed between the county and the municipalities and or user agencies back to the funding of the system and what was recommended by county council in line with the county executive about how we are going to fund the system.  A public meeting will happen on Tuesday May 26, 2015 from 6pm until 8pm at Perry Highway Hose Company and there will be a detail project update by MCM Consulting.  The radio project is on schedule and request for proposals will be released by the end of the year and will be out for bid for 3 months.  The bids will be awarded sometime after the beginning of the year.  Each different portion will be bided separately. 




  1. Planning – This topic was not discussed.


  1. Compliance – This was discussed in a different section.


  1. Communications – This topic was not discussed.


New Business

  1. Vulcan Crude Oil Train Seminar – Thursday May 14, 2015 at 6pm.  This is addressing the crude oil and other issues coming through the county through rails.  CSX and Norfolk Southern will present, CN railroad was contacted but will not present because they only haul coal and iron ore pellets.  This is open to local responders and local officials. 


  1. Outreach Program – This topic was not discussed.


Old Business

  1. Central Information Project – Joe Hudson – This topic was not discussed.


  1. Compliance Seminar – Gabe Miehl – Wants a tabletop of about 1 hour.  This Seminar will possibly be longer than 4 hours.  He is working on presenters and lunch will be provided.  The group is made up of Gabe Miehl, Jess Brown, Charlie Ramsey, Scott Newell and Bob Gandley.  Possibly be at the Maennerchor.  There is no date set as of yet.  Audience was going to be like we have done in the past but now will be possibly more than Erie County, all Tier II facilities and possibly have a news conference.  It was mentioned that we could use the Tier II e-mail contact list and the County Website and possibly a news conference to get the word out.  There was talk about having something specific for just the EHS facilities.  Working right now with ASSE and AWMA on advertising.  It was mentioned putting an ad in with the Manufacturers Association.  We could possibly work with the NWIRC and they are willing to get it on their website.  This will possibly be on Wednesday September 30, 2015. 


  1. Strategic Plan – Charlie Ramsey – Dale gave an overview in behalf of Charlie.  The Strategic Plan is continuing to be worked on.  The process was started in the last executive board meeting using a plan template that Charlie had found on the internet from Florida which seemed to cover all the bases.  The topics that are discussed in the plan are: mission statement, vision statement, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunity, threats) analysis, products, services and goals. There was not enough time to complete it.  We will schedule a separate meeting to get back on track and continue working on the plan.  This will be sent out electronically and will be open to all LEPC members.


We have a new employee Derek Carlins (EMA Specialist) who will be working on looking at the current format of the off-site release plan and this will hopefully prevent future problems from happening.  Dale is hoping to do a one page action sheet for facilities reference.


Good of the Order – George Kickel mentioned that this is the 29th year of the LEPC this month.  The first             meeting was at the Kearsarge Fire Hall in 1986 when the SARA Act was passed. 


Meeting Adjourned: 9:55 AM



Next Meeting:  Strategic Planning Meeting, July 10, 2015 8:00 am to 9:30 am at ECDOPS

                        Executive Board Meeting, August 14, 2015 8:00 am at ECDOPS

                        General Board Meeting, September 11, 2015 8:00 am at ECDOPS             

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