LEPC General Meeting Minutes
ECDOPS Public Safety Center
2880 Flower Road
November 4, 2016

Attendance: Bruce Eicher, Joe Walko, Dale Robinson, Chris Nutter, Charles Ramsey, Jessica Brown, Bill First, Mathew Elwell, Jim Carstater, David Cimino and Keerinique Valencic.

Subcommittee Report – Planning Committee

  • Discussion as to separating the county info four parts and having one outreach for each quarter.
    • Scenarios will be mixed between transportation or fixed depending on area.
    • Possibly have around the rails for the northern counties
      • 1st Quarter – West County
      • 2nd Quarter – City and Millcreek
      • 3rd Quarter – East County
      • 4th Quarter – South County
  • Next step is to pick dates and venues.
  • Possible business outreach in the 2nd quarter.
  • Offsite plans discussion on reviewing them.
  • Discussion about getting a representative from BASF to attend the meetings as they have had a couple incidents.

EMA Report:

  • General Report – Dale Robinson
    • Another draft Title 35 is going around
      • There is a lot of similar information.
      • Municipalities responsible for inventory of critical infrastructure and devising plans to protect it.
      • New items that were added are an accreditation process and SAR coordination.
      • There are no enforcement mechanisms in the title.
      • School planning has to be done in conjunction with the county EMA.
      • Daycares and Nursing homes basically state that we have to accept their plans.
        • We now send a copy of the letter of recommendations to fix their plan to the DPW/DOH that does the inspections of the facilities.
    • Discussion to draft a letter of recommendations that should be in this bill – try to coordinate with the PSAC, EMA, Firefighters Association and LEPC to send similar letters at the same time.
  • Hazard Mitigation Plan
    • Had first meeting and re-organized hazards.
    • Added critical infrastructure decay.
    • Next step will be to begin meeting to discuss starting the projects.
  • Crude Oil Plan
    • Waiting on mapping to be completed.
    • Intern is driving CSX tracks looking for key resources.
    • Plan is to have West and East Counties completed by the end of this year, and have the city and Millcreek started in the spring.
    • HazMat Team Report – Dale Robinson
      • Investigation for a long term odor in Corry.
      • Financial Report – Dale Robinson
        • HMRF grant meeting has not been held yet.
          • LEPC wants to review formula after it has been released.
          • Current formula’s they have proposed would cut our funding by 20%-50%.
          • LEPC reached out to PEMA stating we would like to have input and provide comments before anything is final – we have heard nothing back.
          • Corry Water Crisis – Lessons Learned
            • Infrastructure is getting older and this will happen more and more.
            • Trying to contain a secondary outbreak in the future.
            • Looking into getting a water buffalo for potable water.
            • Reverse 911 – most people did not get due to hanging up or answering machines.
              • Self-registration portal has been utilized a lot more since incident.
  • Social media seemed to be more impactful for notifying residents.

Public Safety Report:

  • General Report – Dale Robinson
    • Order went out for Next Gen Radio System equipment.
      • Continuing to work on the next phases of the critical design review process.
  • Presented budget to County Council
    • Operational budget is down; however budget is more than last year due to debt service.
    • Biggest concern is the new pay plan for the telecommunication staff that we have done so much work for. When presented it did not go over as expected.
  • Discussion about having someone from County Council present in future LEPC meetings.

New Business:

  • Need to set dates for 2017 meetings. It was recommended that we maintain the same format that we had this year. Chairman Ramsey will get some dates set up and email them out.
  • Planning for the dinner in February; who will be in charge and when should planning start.
    • Discussion on inviting Senator Vulakovich to attend and speak at the dinner.

Old Business: None

Meeting Adjourned: 10:13AM

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