LEPC General Meeting Minutes
ECDOPS Public Safety Center
2880 Flower Road
November 3rd, 2017


Attendance: Jim Carstater, Bruce Eicher, Brian Mesaros, Kale Asp, Bob Gandley, Bill First, Jim Dahle, Joe Walko, John Kelly, John Grappy and Keerinique Valencic.

Public Safety Report:

  • General Report – John Grappy
    • Met with County Council last week for the 2018 budget proposal and it went very well.
    • User training held at Perry Hi-Way last Thursday for the new equipment.
    • Mobilcom will be contacting the 20 agencies for early deployment scheduling over the next couple months.
    • Infrastructure is currently being built and staged on the factory floor in Fort Worth, Texas. We will be flying there on January 15th for a period of 10 days for the factory acceptance test.
      • Once we have signed off they will ship everything.
      • When the items arrive the racks will all be put together, and we will simply need to put the rack in the shelter and connect it.
  • Received the contract for the Nokia microwave system.
  • Land property agreements for the 8 new builds are almost complete. Springfield Township Supervisors will review their contract on Monday.
  • FCC Licensing has been the biggest hold up due to Canada. The first and second rounds have been approved. Now we are moving forward with the third and final round.
  • Tower steel and equipment shelter contracts have been awarded. The emergency generator will be out for bid on November 14th.
  • KCI is finishing the construction drawings which will be incorporated in the tower construction bid document to go out for bid by mid-November.
    • Depending on weather, construction may start in December.
  • We have not received official word regarding the Act 12 funding. However, the spreadsheet I have seen from Jeff Boyle appears that all of our requests for Northern Tier are on the list to be approved.
    • Direct cost savings of over $300,000.00 to our 2018 budget.
    • CAD system was not budgeted for in 2018.

EMA Report:

  • Dale is continuing to work on the EOC structure to be changed to a MAC.
  • Hazard Mitigation Plan was submitted to PEMA for approval last week. We received an email back stating they were sending it to FEMA to get their opinion, PEMA believed it was an odd structure.
  • All the Spill Trailers have been deployed out across the rail corridor.
  • The Rail Plan is in draft form. We had a tabletop last month that went well. We will continue to run it in other areas and make changes along the way.

Hazmat Team:

  • We have a few people going to the Ohio State Conference this weekend.

Outreach Events:

  • Brian and Gabe went down to the ASSC meeting on October 18th and did a presentation on the Tier 2 changes. They were glad we informed them of the changes because it could take some facilities a lot of time to make the changes that are required.

Good of the Order:

  • Erie County EMA did a table top exercise in Corry on November 1st.  With the new CMS rules in place as of this month, a lot of facilities are rushing to meet the CMS preparedness rules or they will lose their Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement.  The exercise was an ice storm and there was a good turnout.
  • Still need a chair for the LEPC next year.

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