LEPC Executive Board Meeting

ECDOPS Public Safety Center

2880 Flower Road

August 14, 2015


Attendance: Jim Petrone, Joe Walko, Scott Newell, Richard Stebell, Charles Ramsey, Bill First, Gabe Miehl, Nicole Fuller, Brian Mesaros


Call To Order (8am)


  1. EMA Report –
    1. EMA Coordinator’s Report – This topic was not discussed.


  1. IUVO Bio Science Update – Rich Stebell – 533 lbs. of ethaline oxide release that was not reported to 911.  A letter was sent to their safety manager requesting items concerning their operation and this was complied with.  Also a letter was sent to the Attorney General’s office concerning the incident and the possibility of charges filed for failure to comply.  Attorney General’s office said the District Attorney’s office needs to file charges before the can do anything. We have received a letter from IUVO Bio Science stating they will fully comply with our letter and to let us know that they did not have a release and said what was released was caught by their scrubbers and was not vented in the open air.  They have sent a packet showing their response to our request stating this information.  There was talk about set a date and time to walk through IUVO Bio Science.  Once this is decided it will be sent out to everyone.  This topic was discussed in great detail.


  1. PEMA Annual County HazMat Emergency Response Preparedness Report – Rich Stebell – Rich has a copy of what was sent out and what has been done by Dale and Brian.


  1. Financial – Brian Mesaros
    1. Budget and Expenses – This topic was not discussed.


  1. Tier II Fees/Grants/Pay in lieu of – $47,085 for the year.  There are some new reports that need factored in.  We are somewhere between 8-12 that still have not reported for the year.  Brian is going to compile a list to send to PEMA. 


  1. Capital Budget/Depreciation Planning – This topic was not discussed.


  1. Hazmat Team Report – Brian Mesaros
    1. Training – Gabe mentioned the Tank Car Specialist Class in November.  This is a free week long class in Pueblo, Colorado.  So far there are two people going, possibly four, from the County. 


  1. Trying to get state required refresher exercise done in September or October possibly in Albion Waste Water Treatment Plant or the Training Grounds.  It was mentioned turning this into a positive media event.  Possibly shooting a video while they are there showing what the County Hazmat team is doing and how they are preparing.


  1. New Member – Charlie Heffner and Mike Carpin


  1. Oil Spill in West Lake Area – Had a very good response to about 100 lbs. of diesel from a saddle tank and had everything contained and then had a hurricane come through. 


  1. New Site Reporting – Sprint Generators fall under reporting requirements for fuel.  We have received tank permit and permit for storage of fuel.  4000 gallon capacity.  


  1. Public Safety Report – John Grappy
    1. Director’s Comments – This topic was not discussed.


  1. Public Safety Advisory Committee – Rich Stebell

            Subcommittees have been formulated and charged with specific duties.  Law and Legislation      (Jim Carstater), Law Enforcement and Records (Mike Tesore), Fire Services (Tony Pol),         Emergency Medical Services (Bill Hagerty), Emergency Management Services (Bill Heald),     Public Education (Cathy Hornick and Sue Sutto) and Communications (Jeff Hawryliw). The communications committee has been charged with the oversight of the Next Generation Radio      Project.   The EMS group has put together a County EMS Plan to go to state for approval and       then put out to the individual groups.  The Law Enforcement group has been charged with   finding a new police protocol dispatch system for the 911 call center.  The Executive committee      meets monthly and the General committee meets quarterly.  The Advisory Committee was        discussed in great detail.


  1. New Business
    1. EPA Region III Inspection/Investigation Work Plan – We have received word from Carol Freeman that they are seeking recommendations of facilities to include in their inspection investigation workshop plan for 2016.  This is scheduled to commence October 1, 2015.  While most of the inspection targets come from the National Response Center release reports, EPA Region III indicates that they should make a point of inspecting and investigating facilities that have been problematic.  The lists that we can go by are: facilities that do not submit tier II, facilities that chronically submit tier II late, facilities that under report, and facilities that you have found to be resistant to comply with requirements.  Our suggestions are: North American Powder Coating and IUVO Bio Science.


  1. Erie County Commodity Flow Study – Brian had submitted for a grant to complete this and has received the $8,000 grant to fund this.  This will be done by MCM Consulting.


  1. First Responder Workshop – This will be sponsored by Williams Corporation in Cochranton sometime in September.  Once we get the information we will forward this on to everyone.


            Jim Petrone mentioned the remediation going on Route 8 and Wager Road.  The abandoned       Erie Petroleum site is in the process of removing all of the dirt and earth because it was so      badly contaminated by 50% raw gasoline.  The 958 Green Township homeowners will need to $40,000 a household.


            We need to appoint a new chairperson for the communications subcommittee.  Joe Hudson        has stepped down. 


  1. Old Business
    1. Reporting and Compliance Seminar – Gabe Miehl – APCO 101 and Act 165 overview.  September 29, 2015.  8:15 am to 4:00 pm at the Maennerchor.  Morning is Tier II and afternoon is tabletop with EHS facilities.  Target Audience: Tier II and EHS facilities.  This is for people that report and need to know what the requirements are, manage risk and coordination with emergency services.  Lunch will be provided.


  1. Spring General Industry Outreach Program – This topic was not discussed.


  1. Central Information Project – This topic was not discussed.


  1. Strategic Plan – This is not working out.  Possibly we should work on one topic at a time and complete it before starting to work on a new topic with specific goals. This topic will continue to be discussed.


  1. Good of the Order – This topic was not discussed.



            Meeting adjourned: 10:00 am


            Next Meeting:  General Meeting, September 11, 2015 8:00 am at ECDOPS


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