LEPC Executive Meeting Minutes
ECDOPS Public Safety Center
2880 Flower Road
October 13th, 2017

Attendance: Valerie Bukowski, Joe Walko, Kale Asp, Bob Gandley, Charles Ramsey, Gabriel Miehl, John Kelly, John Grappy and Keerinique Valencic.

Public Safety Report:

  • General Report – John Grappy
    • 2018 budget proposal totals $7.9 million which is approx. $200,000 less than last year.
      • Meeting with County Council on October 23rd to justify our budget.
  • Act 12 Funding for Capital Projects
    • Last year (2017); saved over $376,000.00.
    • We recently replaced our voice logging recorder which was funded through Act 12 for $143,000.00.
    • This year we submitted for a regional CAD system; we will find out if we will be awarded by October 31st.
  • Next Gen Radio System
    • EF Johnson was here all last week to uncrate subscriber units in the garage. They charged, updated and tested the radios.
    • This week they are training our technicians on the programming software and physical installation of equipment.
    • Mobilcom has been subcontracted by EF Johnson to perform the installations of the equipment. They will start rolling out this equipment the week of October 23rd.
    • We will be providing basic user training for the radios on October 26th at Perry Hi-Way Hose Company; we will have a session at 1:00PM and 6:00PM.
    • We just awarded the contract for the tower steel and shelters. We are taking that information and adding it to the tower construction document that will go out for bid on 11/01/17.
    • We will be moving forward with tower construction after 12/01/17
    • Microwave system was approved by County Council. The solicitor is currently reviewing the contract.
  • I had a meeting with Chief Mike Slicker from NE Borough Police Department and also invited by NE Borough to attend their meeting on 10/02/17. Their intent is to have NE Borough Police give notice to East County to come on board with Erie County Dispatch.
    • Informed them that we would not consider this until 2019.
    • It is currently under consideration with NE Borough.
    • EMA Report – John Grappy
      • Rail Safety Plan is in draft form. There was a tabletop exercise sponsored by West County Emergency Management Agency on 10/11/17. It was very well attended. The intent is to exercise the plan to find out what works and what doesn’t, and continue to do so in other areas of Erie County.
      • Dale is working on the final revisions of the County EOP
      • JH Consulting and Brian Mesaros are in the final stages of the Hazard Mitigation Plan. They will submit the plan to PEMA by the end of the month.
      • First Net Nationwide Broadband Network awarded contract to AT&T. The final plan was provided to all 50 states on September 19th. The Governor has 90 days to opt in or opt out of the plan. Per the act, if the Governor opts out they would have to come up with their own plan including funding to build State Network.

Hazmat Team:

  • General Report – Gabe Miehl
    • We will be going over the chlorine response on Tuesday.
    • Next month we will be putting together the training schedule for 2018.
    • December will be officer elections.

Outreach Events:

  • General Report – Gabe Miehl
    • Brian will be at the ASSC on Wednesday; we got the word out to the air waste management folks. There are some major changes to Tier 2 reporting; they are going from 5 hazard categories to 26.
    • Good opportunity to partner with the rail exercises.

Good of the Order:

  • The North American bio-diesel has a methanol tank going in.
  • Doing a table top exercise on November 1st at 9:00AM with Corry Hospital regarding ice storms.
  • Need to start having some serious conversation about who will be the chair of the LEPC next year.

Adjourned: Meeting adjourned at 8:46AM.

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