LEPC General Committee Meeting

ECDOPS Public Safety Center

2880 Flower Road

November 13, 2015


Attendance: Charlie Ramsey, Scott Newell, Eddie Francis, Jim Petrone, Terry Thomson, Mathew Elwell, Nicole Fuller, Gabe Miehl, Brian Mesaros, John Poshka, John Grappy, John Kelly, Joe Walko, Dale Robinson,  Phil Fatica, Bob Gandley, Richard Stebell


New Members – Rich welcomed new members Shawn Stahlman (Welch’s) and John Poshka (Eire VA Hospital)


­Subcommittee Breakout – Each group met individually


Call To Order (8am)


EMA Report

  1. General Report – Dale Robinson
    1. IUVO Bio Science Inspection – They were reporting to NRC but not the LEPC.  Eddie Francis from IUVO was a guest at meeting.  He reported that they were rewriting the offsite plan for 15 minutes reporting time to bring up to date, original was done in 2009. 
    2. Title 35 rewrite – PEMA is asking for thoughts for what we want to see.  Suggested starting clean.  This will be discussed that more time be dedicated at the December 3rd LEMC Training.  It was
    3. Crude Oil Training – Sent out asking for information from Fire Departments.  Going to go out and visit folks, still waiting on 10 fire departments and 1 municipality.  Suggested written certified letters.  Creating maps with 3 mile sections. 


  1. Financial Report – Brian Mesaros
    1. Budget and Expenses – on target with little left over.  HMRF is $71,558.  No notification from HMEP yet.  If approved the Commodity Flow Study will be a 64 hour study half on highway and half on rail.
    2. Tier II Fees/Grants/ Pay in lieu of – nothing has changed with this.
    3. Hazmat Billing Procedure – this topic was not discussed.
    4. Capital Budget/Depreciation Planning – 4 prime movers and 1 more pickup truck.


  1. Hazmat Team Report – Brian Mesaros
    1. Training – MERRTT Class, October 31st, 10 people.  October 20th, Simulated Chlorine Mach Response course.  Bill Malia/PEMA was in attendance to observe.  Still have to write after action report for PEMA, CERT assisted in exercise.  There was 1 radio issue during training.
    2. Responses –This was not discussed.


Public Safety Report – John Grappy

  1. Director’s Report
  • Budget – Requested 1 EMA Public Outreach Training Exercise Coordinator position, $31,000 plus benefits.  There is a savings of $705,000 with the budget.  The 911 board has been established and will be developing a new funding formula.  This is going to be better than it is right now. 
  • Next Generation Radio Project – RFP is in the final stages.  Out for bid November 17th until March 2016.  Fully funded by County Council/Capital Reimbursement Bond.  User agreements are due by December 15th.  Also reaching out to a grant writer.


Subcommittee – The subcommittees met in their individual groups during breakout session.

  1. Planning –
  2. Compliance –
  3. Communications –


New Business

  1. Meeting Dates for 2016


Executive Board Meetings

General Meetings

January 8, 2016

February 12, 2016

April 8, 2016

May 13, 2016

August 12, 2016

September 9, 2016

October 14, 2016

November 4, 2016


  1. Subcommittee Missions Statements – This was discussed in their individual groups during breakout session.


Old Business

  1. Central Information Project – Joe Hudson – this topic was not discussed.
  2. Compliance Seminar – Final Summary – Gabe Miehl – This was a success because of the great feedback that we received and the attendance.  Rich thanked everyone that was involved with putting the seminar together.  We will hopefully do this again next year.  The certificates will be going out soon for the attendees. 
  3. Commodity Flow Study – This was discussed earlier in the meeting.


Good of the order – None      


Next Meeting – Executive Board Meeting on January 8, 2016 starting at 8:00am @ ECDOPS


Meeting adjourned: Motion to adjourn made by Bob Gandley, all in favor.  Adjourned 10:00am




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