LEPC General Meeting Agenda

ECDOPS Public Safety Center

2880 Flower Road

February 13, 2015



Attendance: Dr. Russell Bieniek, Jessica Brown, James Carstater, Lyne Daniels, Nicole Fuller, Matthew Exley, Bill First, Bob Gandley, John R. Grappy, George Kickel, Brian Mesaros, Jim Petrone, Tony Pol, Charles Ramsey, Dale Robinson, James Rosenbaum, Richard Stebell, Terry Thomson, Wesley Tolbert, Joseph Walko


Call To Order (8am)


EMA Report

  1. General Report – Dale Robinson
    1. EOP Status – Will be voted on by County Council Next week.  Do not suspect there will be any issues with this.  The EOP is a basic plan about the concept of operations and how the EOC is structured, operates and the core functions.  It doesn’t change much from year to year it is just refined more and more each year.  This year the change really focused on the logistics and trying to make sure that we explain the logistics process.


  1. Facility Inspection Procedure – Rick Colella from PEMA was e-mailed the guidelines and we are going to follow PEMAs guidelines for the Facility Inspection.  In order to be an inspector you have to be appointed by Dale Robinson EMA Coordinator or have at least an operations level certificate.  If anyone is interested in being an inspector please let Dale know.  If anyone would like a copy of this that was adopted from PEMA please let Rich know and he will forward that too you. 


  1. PATTS – The County has officially adopted the PATTS system which allows businesses to file once in the online system and then it hits the county and the state which saves on paperwork but a check is still needed to be mailed.  This should hopefully make it a little easier for businesses.  A second user agreement was sent out that was a little more compatible.  This program is up and running and people can get on and do their 2014.  Brian forwarded the agreement last week and got an executed copy back and needed to create a user login so that he can get working on the program.  This is not a replacement for Knowledge Center the information is automatically forwarded into Knowledge Center. 


  1. Financial Report – Brian Mesaros
    1. Budget and Expenses – There are not a lot of expenses because it is the beginning of the year.  The new truck is in, fully functional and in service, the new lights are on it and the radio is installed and operational. When spring gets here and it warms up they will look into getting the truck lettered to match the rest of the trucks. 


  1. Tier II Fees/Grants/Pay in lieu of – We have $3,175 with 29 out of 247 facilities reporting so far.  The only payment that we still have in lieu of is Ridg-u-rak for the racking.  Brian will have an updated number once they report.  Rich asked Brian for a list and we are at about 93% of companies reporting for last year. 
  2. HazMat Billing Procedure – Still working on adopting a formal billing procedure and fee schedule, this has not been sent to County Council as of yet.  This shows the county ordinance or resolution and this all needs to be approved by County Council.


  1. Capital Budget/Depreciation Planning – There is no movement of this as of now.  This is all done at the courthouse every year.  We haven’t been able to obtain documentation on what has been depreciated so far.  As far as we know most of the items have already been depreciated because this happens on a rapid scale.  After 5 years they depreciate and most of the items are a lot older than that.


  1. Hazmat Team Report – Brian Mesaros
    1. Training – There is a 3 day RAD training on March 27th, 28th and 29th at the Public Safety building this is being put on by the Nevada Test Site in Mercury.  They will have 15 instructors for this class and live sources.  They will also show us how to use our own meters so that everyone know how to use them.  They did a site inspection so that they will be aware of model numbers so that are prepared to show how to use these items.  This is one step down from the four day class that is held in Mercury, Nevada and it is phenomenal.  We will have a Hazmat IQ class sometime this year and the date will be discussed at the next meeting.  This is a good class for fire departments; it shows how to identify what you are dealing with without getting really technical.  This would be good for anyone looking to be an inspector.  The costs of these classes are paid through the HMEP Grant.  The cost of the RAD class is free and the food is being put through by the Task Force.  The Hazmat IQ class is $5,900 but 83% of that will be paid through the HMEP Grant so we only have to come up with the other 20%.


  1. Responses – Had two responses.  One was a 911 hang-up call that city police went to and it turned out to be a meth lab.  Hazmat responded to this call for decontamination.  They also assisted Cambridge Springs at the prison.  This was a white powder incident.  Hazmat took down a few meters to assist them.  But no actual full team call outs yet. 


  1. Rad Meter Distribution – (Was not discussed)


Public Safety Report – John Grappy

  1. Director’s Comments – In 2014 a reorganizational plan was put together to examine every position within the Department of Public Safety, looking through job descriptions and how we can run more efficiently.  This led to changes that were incorporated into the 2015 budget proposal and adopted by county council.  Some changes were made, and the two Public Safety Secretaries we reorganized into one Administrative Assistant position and this was because Emergency Management had a bigger need for an EMA Specialist/Planner.  The EMA Secretary in the past handled the EMA purchases and the Financial Officer did the purchasing for 911.  This was consolidated into the Administrative Assistant Position (Nicole Fuller) and one Financial Officer (Jen Nicolia) for the entire Public Safety Department.  The EMA Specialist job was posted with a fair number of applicants interviewed and it was decided that the job will be reposted.  Kale Asp the Interim 911 Coordinator was promoted to 911 Coordinator position.  The Assistant Coordinator position is currently posted.  The Training Administrator job is currently posted. 


John attended the House Veterans Affairs Emergency Preparedness Committee informational meeting about the Draft 911 Legislation Rewrite.  The Executive Director of CCAP is working with APCO and NENA and phone carriers, to come up with a draft bill.  The legislation would raise the surcharge from $1.25 for land lines and cell phones and IP is $1.00 and an increase is being proposed. Those increases are a $2.00 fee that would take in 400 million dollars annually.  The income revenue currently is bringing in 180-190 million dollars.  The expenses for 911 with all 67 counties and 2 cities that are eligible for funding is 284 million, so we are about 100 million in the red.  The extra 100 million dollars would be used to fund 911.  37% of funding is general fund money.  Chairman Barar stated that a $2.00 surcharge probably will not go through, but possibly $1.50 or $1.75 might.  The next hearing is on March 18th, a formal hearing where the bill will be introduced.  There are hopes to have it passed by the end of the fiscal year (June) 2015. There is also progress on phone cards.  Ultimately there will be a $2.00 flat fee for everything.


  1. Advisory Committee Update – Starting on June 16th by e-mail, a letter went out from John’s office to provide structure and authority to adopt this as county administrative code.  Unless changed by county council this committee will be a long standing committee.  A letter went out this month to 10 community organizations; the committee will be made up of 15 members.  3 at large representatives to be recommended by county council, 1 rep from the city of Corry and 12 reps from Public Safety and Community Organizations from the following groups: FOP Lodge 64, Erie Co. FF Assoc., Emerg Med Services, ECATO, ECAB, LEMC, LEPC, Neighborhood Watch Council, Erie City Fire, Erie City Police, Millcreek TWP Fire and Millcreek TWP Police.  These are appointed by the county executive and confirmed by county council.  This letter is sent to the chair or president of these organizations.  John passed this letter around for everyone to see.  If you are interested in serving as a member of the LEPC on this committee submit a request to Rich Stebell in writing through his email address rsteb63@hotmail.com or through the Public Safety office.  If you are going to apply to be on the committee understand that attendance is at the utmost importance.  Please make sure that you have the time to attend the meetings.  The executive board will meet monthly and the whole board will meet quarterly.  Rich will work with the LEPC Executive board to make the decision on the member who wants to join the Advisory Committee. 


Jim Carstater made a motion that the chair of the LEPC be our nomination to the Advisory Committee.  Bill First seconded the motion.  John Grappy mentioned the great importance it will be for the member appointed to attend all the monthly and quarterly meetings.  All in favor, but John, Dale and Brian abstained from the vote. John will check with the County Executive if Rich cannot attend a meeting, and then someone can go in his place.  These appointments are for 1, 2 or 3 years. 


  1. Dale is working on, through an application process, FEMA is seeking applicants for the National Advisory Council which is a Federal Advisory Committee to establish and ensure effective ongoing coordination of Federal Preparedness for different manmade disasters preparation and mitigation.  This council advises FEMA Administration on all aspects of emergency management, framework and strategies and plans by incorporating the whole communities input through the appointed committee members.  Dale is a good fit for this committee and we are working forward to get him on the committee.     

c.   Radio Project – January 27th County Council approved the professional services contract for MCM Consulting Group which did a needs assessment and strategic plan that is 1.24 million to last over 3-5 years to project manage the new radio system in its entirety.  We are moving forward with FCC licensing, tower scouting and land scouting.  This will determine how many tower sites we need.  So we are working with GIS and the assessment department to see who owns land and they can start the processes.  Still need to write the RFP’s for the capital costs, electronics, towers, microwave system, construction and the steel etc.  Every component will go out for bid separately.  This will hopefully go out for bid by fourth quarter this year.  Council formulized a county council radio committee to look at financing this project.  These meetings are closed but John Grappy and Jim Sparber attend the meetings.  They are talking about funding the project by using a capital improvement bond verses fund balance or a combination of the two.  The administration looking at a shared cost 75% paid for by the county and 25% paid for by the municipalities or agencies but only for subscriber units or user equipment.  But it is possibly that county council could ultimately pay for 100% of it but this is not yet decided. 


Subcommittee Reports

a.   Planning –

b.   Compliance –

c.   Communication –

There was a general discussion about the present structure of how the LEPC is put together in regards to the subcommittees.  Do the three subcommittees really serve this organization well?  Or is it time to redo the subcommittees so that they are more effective.  We need to utilize people to the best of their abilities.  Or otherwise this discourages membership.  The LEPC seems to be more positive and more proactive than ever. 


Do you feel the planning, compliance and communication model that is being used continues to serve us well or is it time to redo the subcommittee organization.  Rich passed out a list of the subcommittees.  This list can be found below the minutes.  Jim Carstater brought up that the planning committee has been very active and successful.  Charlie mentioned looking at the mission and the vision of the group and how the subcommittees are supporting these and possibly developing a longer term strategic plan and possibly shift things as time goes on.  Dale seconded Charlie’s recommendation for a strategic vision and smart objectives.  This could be expanding instead of changing.  Redefining and broadening the committees.  Bob mentioned having 5 major topics for 5 years to make sure that we are focused to see what we can accomplish and to evaluate the subcommittees and see if they match what we need to do.  This all changes over time.  Others mentioned using core responsibilities and outreaches.  Have strategic objective to pass to the different committees.  Please send top 3 items that you think are important too Rich in an email.  Charlie mentioned getting a group together to discuss these topics; they will put together a strategic plan.  This group will be Charlie, George, Dale, Jess and Russ. 





New Business

a.   LEPC Goals for 2015 –

b.   Membership – New potential member, Matthew Comi, EHS Specialist at BASF Corporation.  His name will be submitted through the county for acceptance.  Rich explained the utmost importance of attending the LEPC meetings.  If you are not able to attend the meetings please let Rich know by e-mail that you will not be attending so we can know the status of the membership.  In the bylaws it states that if you miss three consecutive meetings you are no longer on the committee.  This has been discussed and attendance is important.


c.   Web Site Information – Rich mentioned that LEPC dates be updated on the ECDOPS website.  Nicole has requested to have this done.  Nicole will be working closely with the webmaster to update and overhaul the public safety website. 


Old Business

a.   Central Information Project – Joe Hudson – Continues to move forward with this project.  If he needs help we will provide this too him. 

b.   Compliance Seminar – Committee, Date, and Content – This was supposed to be the week of the Compliance Seminar, but after speaking with the executive committee last month it was decided that there wasn’t enough time with the holidays to make sure that it is marketed and structured properly to do it right.   It was decided that the original date February 12th was cancelled and they are looking at a date closer towards the fall of 2015.  No date scheduled as of yet.  First order of business for the committee, it needs to set a date and an outline of what they want to put forth somewhere around September or October.  This will outline the Tier II reporting for 2016.  If you are interested in serving on the committee let Rich know.  Rich would like to get the committee established as soon as possible.  Gabe Miehl will possible be the Chair of this committee.  Gabe is possibly already working on an outline for this.  It was discussed that the Blasco Library might be a good location for the Seminar.


      Rich contacted the Northwest Industrial Resource Center which is the new MBA and spoke with a strategic advisor and they would be very interested in marketing this program but cannot release the database because they are federally funded.  But they will use the database to help market the program with us and they would like to use the LEPC in future educational programs that they are planning.  This would help in getting the word out even farther than just Erie County.  This would really help local businesses stay compliant in their reporting. 


  1. Government Dinner – 2/13/15 6:00pm – There is a board meeting after the Government Dinner downstairs.  Rich will be speaking and there is a guest speaker Don Kunkle, who is the executive director of Pennsylvania Fire Emergency Services Institute.  He will be talking about the importance of relationships at the state level.


  1. Senator Wiley contacted Dale asking for suggestions, PA wants to be a premier emergency management organization but we are not yet mirroring the places that have this.  Dale listed best practices mentioning other states having to deal with disaster after disaster.  The legislation should mirror other states that have disasters more often.  Wiley is not on the emergency services committee, we have no area senate representative.


Good of the Order

Matt talked about Inspections.  He mentioned doing some sort of PR campaign beforehand to inform businesses of when the inspections are going to be.  Matt is doing fire inspections in Millcreek and people are asking why because they say they have never had one in the past.  Rich mentioned that LEPC can only do site inspections unless there is a request or probable cause.  We need to let them know we are there to help them not to site them.   Rich feels there should be a formal procedure in place for this. 


Dale talked about imitation. Topics shared in the meetings are for the good of the county.  These things can be shared but should not be stolen and might come down to funding for the group.  Could this be a formal conflict of interest or confidentiality clause?


George talked about LORD.  The Grandview facility has closed and was sold to LECOM.  The Erie plant has closed and relocated to Robison Road.  There are 901 full-time employees and 100 people to fill normal retirees in the next 18 months.  Anyone interested in openings in Saegertown, Cambridge Springs or Erie you can apply at Lord.com.  In Buffalo, NY they are looking for a Junior Safety Person position, with 3-5 years’ experience.


Rich made a motion to close the meeting.


Charlie seconded this motion.


Meeting Adjourned: 10:10am


Next Meeting:                         Executive Committee: April 10, 2015

General Meeting:        May 8, 2015


2015 LEPC Subcommittee Members


Planning – Gabe Miehl – Chairman

Dr. Russell Bieniek

Jim Carstater

James Dahle

Lyne Daniels

Matt Exley

Scott Newell

Jim Petrone

James Rosenbaum

Fritz Seegert

Terry Thomson

Joseph Walko

Richard Stebell


Compliance – Bob Gandley – Chairman

Jessica Brown

Bruce Eicher

George Kickel

Brian Mesaros

Rik Mirth

Eric Mosbacher

Theresa Naim

Tony Pol

Matthew Elwell

Dale Robinson

Charlie Ramsey



Communications – Joe Hudson – Chairman

Jason Chanault

Phil Fatica

Bill First

Bill Heald

Chris Nutter

John Grappy

Mike Smith

Wesley Tolbert





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