LEPC General Meeting Minutes
ECDOPS Public Safety Center
2880 Flower Road
May 12th, 2017

Attendance: Dale Robinson, Gabe Miehl, Jessica Brown, Charles Ramsey, Bob Gandley, John Grappy, Jim Carstater, Brian Mesaros, Kale Asp, David Duberow, John Kelly, Dan Nestler and Keerinique Valencic.

Public Safety Report:

  • General Report – John Grappy
    • United Way will be kicking off 2-1-1 at a Press Conference on May 23rd at 10:00 AM.
      • 2-1-1 will be an information and referral service housed at Venango County.
      • This service will only be available initially Monday thru Friday during business hours. They are looking to have the service available 24/7 by October or November.
  • We signed a contract with Verizon Wireless to locate antennas on our Flower Road tower.
  • State Police are going to be locating antennas and microwave dishes on our tower as well. We will be using some of the State’s microwave paths and that will be saving us approx. $150,000.00. By sharing these networks and towers they will also monitor our network which will save us approx. $300,000.00.
  • Kale and I will be attending the next 911 Advisory Board Meeting on June 1st. They will determine funding priorities at this meeting.
  • EMS Plan Administrator is working closely with us to define operational policies and procedures and updating and revising the I Am Responding manual.
  • County EMS MCI Plan is in its final draft and is currently under review. The plan has two parts; an educational piece and a pocket guide.
  • We have a meeting with the Legislative and EMA committee’s following this regarding House Bill 1218 (Title 35). Making sure we provide comments about the pending legislation.
  • Act 12 Regional Funding is estimated to save the County $376,000.00 with a variety of regional projects.
    • Looking to replace our CAD system. We will review the bid proposals later this month so that we can submit our application in July.
  • Fiber is being installed this week at the Public Safety backup center. The radio system, CAD positions and 9-1-1 positions are already there.
  • IT is currently researching a 4g commercial broadband network to replace our current 800 MHz MDT system.
  • Next Generation Radio System
    • Critical design review was completed and signed off on April 28th. The infrastructure equipment has been ordered and will be delivered this summer.
    • Majority of subscriber equipment has been shipped and is currently in the garage here. We will move forward with deployment after inventory is completed.
    • Still on the timeline for March 2018 for cutover.
    • Land property agreements –17 towers; however, 9 are existing sites and 8 will be new construction.
      • Corry City, Fairview, Greenfield and Harborcreek have been agreed to.
      • We just transferred ownership of the Sharp Road tower that was owned by Emergycare.
    • RFP was awarded to KCI Technologies for engineering and surveying for tower site designs.
    • Nokia/Alcatel Lucent is the microwave system for the state, also our preferred vendor.  We received the final design and pricing and will be forwarded to County Council for approval.
    • Next public meeting for the Next Gen Radio System will be at the end of May or early June.

EMA Report:

  • General Report – Dale Robinson
    • Just finished up three days of PIO and JIC trainings.
    • Received equipment for a special needs trailer. Includes bariatric cots, wheel chairs, walkers etc.
    • We received Storm Ready and IPAWS designation this past week.

  • General Report – Brian Mesaros
    • Had a meeting last week with the municipalities and consultant regarding the Hazard Mitigation Plan to go over what they are looking for as projects. We are trying to set another meeting up in the first couple weeks of June to get those projects from them. Looking for submission at the end of July to PEMA.
    • Still waiting for the Spill Trailers to get lettered; once completed we can get them out.

  • Financial Report – Brian Mesaros
    • We have collected $41,000.00 from 233 facilities in Tier 2 fees.

  • Hazmat Report – Brian Mesaros
    • Have had one response to North East since last meeting that went very well. It was a fuel spill that went in a storm drain. We were on scene for about 2 to 3 hours.

  • Strategic Plans
    • Offsite Release Plan is still in progress. Trying to get an intern for Fall to help with the plan.

  • Outreach Events
    • Will give West County 3 different dates to choose from for outreach event in September.
    • Looking to do Tier II outreach sometime in October.

  • Good of the Order
    • Conversation about electronic recycling, as someone in Erie has 3 warehouses full.  We contacted Labor and Industry and they said as long as they are not breaking it down, it is not considered Tier II. 

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