LEPC Executive Meeting Minutes
ECDOPS Public Safety Center
2880 Flower Road
January 12th, 2018


Attendance: Scott Newell, Gabriel Miehl, Charles Ramsey, Bob Gandley, Dale Robinson, Joe Walko, Bruce Eicher, Brian Mesaros, John Kelly and Keerinique Valencic.

EMA Report – Dale Robinson

  • Discussion about the historic snow we received.
    • We were fortunate that many people were on Christmas vacation and schools were out.
    • Thinking of having an emergency fund for the future. We spent around $2,000.00 for supplies and gas for the response and that has put a big dent in our budget.
    • City had 28 plows on the road at all times during the storm.
      • Everyone with a CDL was out on the road.
      • The city can only put salt down they cannot mix the aggregate like the state does.
  • We were really concerned about I-90 closing down with holiday traffic.
  • We called the National Guard for assistance. There was an ambulance placed at West Ridge and Emergycare. Not sure if West Ridge used theirs but Emergycare did and seemed to be very happy to have it. 
  • The National Guard picked up hundreds of health care professionals and took them to work.
  • The Civil Air Patrol was here assisting as well.
  • Many local companies donated supplies and food for all of the volunteers that were assisting with the response.
  • Just a reminder that the intent with early deployment is not to give the agencies 100%. Accessories can be purchased separately.

Hazmat Report – Brian Mesaros

  • Majority of the officers stayed the same.
  • January and February will be prepping for the 40 hour prep class (02/24 and 02/25 as well as 03/24 and 03/25).
  • I will start working on the offsite release plans shortly.
  • We will also be continuing the Rail Safety Plan exercises this year.
  • New Tier 2 season is starting up. I have only seen a handful come in so far this year, with the new changes. There was a discussion about SDS with Tier 2 reporting.
  • Kip Hayford approached the McKean Usher’s Club and they agreed to buy the chlorine institutes rail car dome that goes along with our cylinders we have as props for the training grounds.

Good of the Order:

  • Public Safety Government Dinner is 02/09/18.
  • Also need a replacement for Chair of the LEPC and also a Vice Chair.

Adjourned: Meeting adjourned at 9:07AM. 

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