LEPC General Meeting

ECDOPS Public Safety Center

2880 Flower Road

February 12, 2016


Attendance: Jim Dahle, Wesley Tolbert, Jessica Brown, William First, Nicole Fuller, Gabe Miehl, Russ Bienick, Jason Chenault, John Poshka, Brian Mesaros, Theresa Naim, Bruce Eicher, John Kelly, John R. Grappy, Bob Gandley, Rich Stebell, Lyne Daniels, Charles Ramsey, Chris Nutter, Terry Thomson, Jim Carstater, Joe Walko


Call to Order (8am)


Breakout Sessions (15 Minutes) – Groups split up for discussion


EMA Report

  1. General Report- Dale Robinson
    1. Title 35 Rewrite – With PEMA Quarterly Training coming up, this is a topic of discussion.


  1. Financial Report- Brian Mesaros
    1.  Budget and Expenses – passed around the budget sheet.
    2.  Tier II Fees/ Grants/ Pay in lieu of – Ridg-U-Rak is in lieu of.
    3.  HazMat Billing Procedure – Still in process of working on this.  Once completed will work on County Ordinance at some point in 2016.
    4.  Capital Budget/ Depreciation Planning – There is nothing on depreciation as of right now.


  1. Hazmat Team Report- Brian Mesaros    
    1.  Training – CERT Team has requested a Hazmat Operations Class, February 22nd, 2016, full 24 hour course. EPA coming in April doing the full technician level class and also doing a refresher on the last day of the class. 
    2.  Responses – Diesel fuel assist in Albion, Flammable liquids in a van at the cloverleaf, Pile-up on Exit 32 on I-90 – corrosive truck leaking (non-hazardous substance)

-12 responses for 2015


Public Safety Report- John Grappy

  1. Director’s Report

1)    Went over the 2016 Public Safety Goals and Action Plan

2)    NGR System Bid Opening is March 15, 2016 – 5 Vendors

3)    NGR Public Meetings will be:

a)    Monday, March 7th @10:00 AM – ECDOPS

b)    Monday, March 7th @ 6:00 PM – Perry Hi-Way


Sub-Committee Reports

  1. Compliance – Tier II Reporting/PATTS System is going smoothly.  Facility compliance, no problems so far.
  2. Planning – Next Summit/Fall – Disaster Preparedness.  Attendees wanted more tactical planning (Fire Chiefs/EMS).  Outreach opportunities – Lights and Sirens, assisting fire sub-committee, possibly send out information to fire departments to teach what to do with Tier II reports.
  3. Communication – Jason Chenault will be the new chair.  Update website (looking to update information on LEPC portion of the Public Safety website).  Committee will research other LEPC initiatives to see what they have done to get LEPC out there.  Suggested inviting the news media to do a blast about what the LEPC does.  Group agreed and this is required for the LEPC Committee.  Jason will reach out to the media.   Central Information Project – Look into ways to follow up with Joe to see where he is at and how this group could help him in this. 


New Business

  1. Jim Carstater – Asked who the new Public Safety Liaison is?  The new Liaison is going to be Kathy Fatica.  John and Dale met with Kathy to give her an orientation on Public Safety plans and initiatives and a tour of the facility. 


Old Business

  1. Central Information Project- Joe Hudson – This topic was discussed earlier in meeting.
  2. Commodity Flow Study – Still waiting on approval of HMEP Grant, once approved that Brian can working on the process of finding a consultant for the project.
  3. Government Dinner – February 12, 2016 – Approximately 160 people attended. 
  4. Co-Chairmen Position – If you are interested in being the Co-Chair of the LEPC.


Good of the Order

  1. Bob Gandley – In regards to recruitment and retention, these items were mentioned, reaching out to high school students or ham radio classes.  Maybe have volunteer hours count towards school classes.  John Kelly mentioned he sent out Red Cross information out to the schools.  Mentioned working with the Youth Prep Council to recruit students. Also an action item could be: Go to PEMA and superintendent monthly meetings to talk to the standing safety committees. 
  2. John Kelly’s work with emergency plans was discussed in detail.
  3. Update on Public Safety Advisory Committee –

1)    Working on reorganization.

2)    Working to get sub-committees to be task oriented and have specific topics.

3)    EMS – has sent the EMS Plan to the state for approval.

4)    Communications – will be assisting in the NGR System bid process.

5)    Fire –working on standardization of certifications and training.

6)    Law – working on Records Management System.

7)    Legislative – have in depth reports of legislative bills (911 legislation).

  1. There was a lengthy discussion regarding the legalization of fireworks. 
  2. OSHA and LEPC met regarding the Federal Courthouse, the outreach to firm up their Emergency Planning Process went well. 



Meeting adjourned: Motion to adjourn made by Bruce Eicher, all in favor.  Adjourned 9:50 am.



Next Meeting:  Executive Committee, April 8th, 2016 @ 8am at the Erie County Department of Public Safety


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