LEPC General Meeting

ECDOPS Public Safety Center

2880 Flower Road

September 11, 2015


Attendance: Mathew Elwell, Nicole Fuller, Kevin R. Forringer (Williams Co., EHS Specialist III), Matt Sanders, Bill Heald, Lyne Daniels, Joe Walko, Bruce Eicher, Dale Robinson, Theresa A. Naim, George M. Kickel, Jason C. Chenault, Wesley Tolbert, Bob Gandley, Phil Fatica, Charles Ramsey, Michael Guerassimoff (IUVO Bioscience), Eddie Francis (IUVO Bioscience), Jim Petrone, Gabriel Miehl, Joseph Hudson, Chris Nutter


Call To Order (8am)


Moment of Silence in Remembrance of September 11th


Introductions of attendees.


EMA Report –


  1. General Report – Dale Robinson

            New Emergency Management Specialist, John Kelly, starts September 21, 2015.


            Crude oil plan – Continuing to reach out and work on the crude oil plan regarding environmental             impact/mitigation.  This will hopefully help us get coastal zone management grant to duplicate our spill             response trailer.  Will work with Fish & Boat Commission. 


            PEMA’s Director Flynn – Title 35 rewrite is moving at PEMA and in the State Legislature.  They are             going to start writing a new version.


            Radio Updates for the NGR System Project were held on Wednesday, September 9, 2015.  These             meetings were working on talk groups for the entire county.  Currently working on securing frequencies. 


            IUVO Bioscience Incident Report – Michael Guerassimoff and Eddie Francis from IUVO reported that      they had a release from a release valve in their switch over system that is connected to the sterilization          system.  They had originally thought it was released into the atmosphere and they had facility techs go       through daily checks of scrubber system.  They realized it went through the scrubber system where it was neutralized and released into the sewer system.  The IUVO representatives were there to get        acclimated with the LEPC and update the response plan. The LEPC is here to help with many       resources.


  1. Financial Report – Brian Mesaros
    1. Budget and Expenses – Budget is looking good.
    2. Tier II Fees/Grants/Pay in lieu of –
    3. HAZMAT Billing Procedure
    4. Capital Budget/Depreciation Planning –
    5. HAZMAT Team Report – Brian Mesaros
      1. Training – November Tank Car Specialist Class – Pueblo, Colorado.  Charlie and Gabe are going to register to attend this class. 
      2. Responses – Federal Courthouse response.  There was a white powder call.  This is a more creditable threat then other events.  The Federal Courthouse needs to follow plan and who to call.
      3. State Required Refresher Exercise – October 20, 2015 at 5:30pm at Perry Highway Hose Company.  Mach chlorine response with one ton cylinder head.


Public Safety Report – Dale Robinson

  1. Director’s Comments – NGR System working on talk groups with first responders.  Meetings were held on September 9, 2015. 
  2. Advisory Committee Update – Slowly getting together, all groups up and running and doing well.   EMS committee submitted their county wide plan to the state.  It came back with recommendations and they are working on minor changes.
  3. Radio Project


Subcommittee – It was asked that each subcommittee to come up with mission statements from each                           committee.  Then we will look back and see how we can structure the groups. 

  1. Planning –
  2. Compliance –
  3. Communications – Need Chairperson – Joe Hudson stepping down because of work commitments.  Joe will send a communications roster to reach out to existing communications group to see if anyone is interested. 



New Business

  1. EPA Region III Inspection/Investigation Work Plan – Reached out to start looking for businesses to take a look at.  Dale sent list of businesses of who didn’t report.  They have not responded back as of yet. 
  2. Erie County Commodity Flow Study – waiting on grant to come back, Brian’s been working with MCM Consulting firm, saying $8,000 to do 79, 86 and tracks. 
  3. Kevin Forringer from Williams Gas Company attended meeting mentioning a table top exercise on October 13, 2015 in Cochranton Fire Department at 6pm.  This is being held for multiple facilities. 
  4. Jason (UPMC) mentioned that their strategic national stock pile camp packs have all been updated.  These are Federal Cash, hospital and EMS packs.  Somethings were out of date.


Old Business

  1. Central Information Project – Joe Hudson – Slow going.  Technical difficulties with scanning one page at a time at the facilities.  Is there a way the LEPC can help?  The information is confidential and Joe had not asked for help because he did not want to spread the information around.  Joe may reach out to the new committee chair for help in the future.  For now he will continue to work on his off months. 


  1. Compliance Seminar – Gabe Miehl – The letter will be sent out today.  Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at the Maennerchor.  Education will be focused in the morning and there will be a table top exercise in the afternoon.  Three section, LEPC introduction, APCO and Act 165.
  2. Strategic Plan – Charlie Ramsey – Get mission defined. Use SWOT to define where LEPC is going.  We need to refocus the group and get things going again. Charlie asked for thoughts on how to get the LEPC moving again.  This topic was discussed in great detail.  
  3. Jim Petrone mentioned the remediation going on Route 8 and Wager Road and that it is finally completed.  10 dump trucks of (gasoline contaminated) dirt sent to Michigan to be incinerated. 


Good of the Order

Phil Fatica mentioned that the Health Department has the Erie Times News publish those restaurants that do not comply.  Phil is willing to contact David Bruce with the Erie Times News to publish those that do not report and don’t follow guidelines. 

Phil Fatica mentioned employing, for free, an intern for the LEPC for students to get credit for college.  They would need a clean record because they would be working with lots of confidential information.  This intern could potentially help with the Central Information Project.

He is offering to help with these ideas if they are agreed upon with the LEPC group.


North American Powder Coating – Trying to get operations back up and running.  If there is another fire there is a no enter order unless there is entrapment. 


Matt Sanders mentioned that he has switched rolls in Emergency Management with the IT department and will be attending more meetings.  He is also the squad rant leader for the local Civil Air Patrol across the state and interstate.  Have been deployed many times.  Have their own radio system.  Everyone is trained in ICS 100, 200, 700 and 800.  They are all willing to help.  They are 911 dispatchable through Knowledge Center.


Public Safety Open House September 26, 2015 10am-1pm.  Wills for Heroes 12pm-5pm.  Free to Public Safety, you need to preregister on their website. 


Next Meeting -       Executive Committee: October 9, 2015

                              General Committee: November 13, 2015


Meeting adjourned: 9:10 AM




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