LEPC Executive Meeting Minutes
ECDOPS Public Safety Center
2880 Flower Road
February 10th, 2017

Attendance: Rich Stebell, John Grappy, Gabe Miehl, Bill First, Kathy Dahlkemper, Charles Ramsey, Bruce Eicher, Joe Walko, John Kelly, Brian Mesaros, John Poshka, Russell Bieniek, Matt Comi, Mathew Elwell, Bob Gandley, Terry Thomson, Lyne Daniels, Dale Robinson, Scott Newell, Jessica Brown and Keerinique Valencic.

Public Safety Report:

  • General Report – John Grappy
    • 2017 Goals and Objectives
      • Next Generation Radio System – currently working on the early deployment of our new dispatch console system. Everything is installed. Currently doing final acceptance testing, and will start the cutover early next week.
        •  There are four benefits to the new Zetron consoles:
          • Increased reliability
          • Improved audio quality
          • Telecommunication staff can become proficient prior to implementation of P25 radio system
          • $210,000 immediate savings by changing our vendor
      • Finalizing land property agreements for the 8 new build sites. Tower construction to start in the spring.
      • E.F. Johnson continues with the critical design review. This will be completed by March 2017.
      • Communications Sub-committee under the Public Safety Advisory Committee will be finalized in the next couple weeks. Then we will begin to define operational policy and procedure.
    • Regional Shared Services – Northern Tier 10 County Consortium
      • Voice Logging Recorder – will share with the region.
      • Replace Computer Aided Dispatch System (including law record management, field based reporting and mobile data).
        • If approved this will be paid by the Commonwealth.

EMA Report:

  • General Report – Dale Robinson
    • ICS position specific classes are moving along. We are getting a good cross section of disciplines which will work great with the class.
    • Goals and Objectives
      • Currently working with the Elected Officials Briefing. Tried to work with ECATO to come up here but they would prefer that we come to their Annual Schools Night.
        • Brian is going to teach a G402 Course one of those nights for elected officials that would rather take a class than do the online course.
    • Working on regional and municipal table top exercises. Just spoke with Matt Exley about getting one set up for Millcreek.
    • Migrating from an EOC based on ICS more to a MACC concept. We are incorporating the EEI’s (Essential Elements of Information) to make sure we are capturing as much information as we can.
  • Radioactive shipments coming through Erie; going to be 61 gallons. Not very concerned as the containment system is very protective. Discussion about possibly doing a primer before shipment comes through Erie.
  • General Report – Brian Mesaros
    • Currently working with the municipalities for the Hazard Mitigation Plan. We are working with our County Planning Department to see how we can get them to assist the municipalities to obtain the funds to maintain these projects.
    • Crude Oil Response Plan is moving along. We have the entire county mapped out; interns from Gannon will map out the City in the spring. All of the supplies for the trailers have been ordered. Most of the supplies are in the garage, hoping to have the trailers in the next couple weeks.
    • Last meeting we discussed updating the Offsite Release Plan. Appears that most agencies have the same layout, but Crawford County took the same layout and made checklists. We uncovered some issues that the State had in the plan; one section states that once the local Emergency Manager gets on scene they will take command from the Incident Commander. Working to make some corrections to the plan.
    • Financial Report – Brian Mesaros
      • We collected $45,925 in Tier 2 fees last year. There were 235/264 facilities that reported their Tier 2’s. Of that 29 facilities that did not report; 20 of them were wells that are no longer producing. The remainder of the agencies the State is contacting to figure out if they are still producing or not.
      • 2017 Goals and Objectives – Charles Ramsey
        • Came up with 3 basic goals for the LEPC this year based off of Public Safety’s Goals and Objectives
          • Updating the Offsite Release Plan
          • Outreach event (educational session)
          • Table Top Exercises – would like to do 2 or 3 this year
  • Dale suggested doing an Outreach for the public as well.
  • Discussion about the local nursing homes; they do not really know what their roles are because corporate writes the plan without knowing the facility. Possibly partner up with the hospitals for an outreach event.
  • Discussion about refocusing the group to give updates during meetings and work on projects separately. Also, to reach out and get more involvement in the committee.

Meeting Adjourned: Meeting adjourned at 8:57 AM. 

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