December 8, 2017


Call to Order-Sparky Warner (President) Pledge of allegiance



Roll Call by Penny Hermann (Secretary)


Treasure Report-by  Monica  Warner (Treasurer}--see  report.


Transfer money to pay for conference. Gaming funds added.

Motion to pay internet and snacks.


Interest and earnings will be coming from the savings.  CD for 2% may be looked at (18months).


There was a discussion on investment options. Motion to purchase a CD all in favor. Motion to accept treasure  report.


Minutes from last month were approved.


Old Business--­ Awards Dinner

---$17 on April 13th


---Discussion on what gift to give from UPMC.


New Business---


Perry Hi-way Essential class next year conditional if funds are given from county.


Inspection of trailer will be happening. Looking for info on use of trailer to show use to include in grant. Discussion on Award dinner. There will be a speaker, OSHA state for public safety.

Motion to approve the minutes for last month. Approved.


Motion to approve the directors and officers to next year. Approved.


Motion to make a Bi-law change to use the majority present to pay bills and to run the meeting.  'Those present constitute a Quorum and those present carry a vote." Approved.  Also, if you do not pay your dues you cannot vote.


Discussion was had on attendance at meeting and on who paid  dues.  If you do not pay your dues, then the cost of the dinner will be more.  Will make a list of companies who did not pay.  Discussion on if you do not pay dues you cannot get a grant.  Dues to come out of training money if not paid.  A list of who paid their dues will be included by Monica Warner to be included in the minutes.


Discussion on publishing attendance in next month minutes. Meeting locations for next vear:

January-Kuhl  Hose February-ErieMaennerchor March-Harborcreek

April-Perry Highway


May-Fire Fighters Museum


June-Training grounds

July-No meeting

August-West Lake

September-Elgin Beaver Dam


November-Lake City


ECDOPS-Advisory board meeting next week at :1.:oopm CERT-Calendar is finalized for next year.

---Sent out training schedule.


LEPC---Haven't sent meeting schedule yet. Legislative---Report on OSHA Bill

Building code. Want to remove State Fire Commissioner from RACK. Workers Comp. :1.909 House Bill to address the fix. Waiting on this.

Audit. Reserve fund set aside from SWIFT (State workers insurance fund). 75 million above. Ifwe must cover then will raise premiums. Asked to set proposal. If you are active suppression member then you are not covered.

Relief distribution is the lowest in :15 years.


Fire grounds---


safety house put away for winter.


Table top at Corry Hospital


---new policy and procedures for severe weather.


Motion to adjourn.


Respectfully submitted by,

Penelope Hermann Secretary


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