OCTOBER 13, 2017



Call to Order-Sparky Warner (President) Pledge of allegiance

Roll Call by Penny Hermann (Secretary)


Treasure Report-by  Monica Warner (Treasurer)-see  report.


2 bills pfesi conference


Wagner and Giblin Insurance (commercial auto policy)


---discussion about policy and need to look into it further.


Bills were approved to be paid.


Minutes from last month were approved with correction to be made.  Change from donated to dedicated.


Old Business---


Drafting legislation for workers comp. Members should be covered for activities. Specialty team is written in will they be covered and it is looking like this will be the case. Has to be documented as a member and normal activity.


Gaming funds there is no movement on this. Budget is going to council for approval. Individual agreements with casinos will be put in escrow.


Towers. These are progressing.  Bids have been sent out. Contracts are not out yet. Training classes are going on all week. Train on how to operate.


New Business-


Awards Dinner---clarify what year each award is for. Will be the 2nd Friday after Easter April 23th  Same caterer as last year.


Government Dinner- in favor of the mannecour.  February 9th. Contact needs to be made to reserve the date for next year.


ECDOPS-Exercise went well, derailment. A good turn out. Was worth the go minutes it took. Worked through mock plans. Good discussion was had. Evacuation of a 1500 people area. No one from the school district attended to discuss. A lot of notes were taken to make plans for how to handle this if it did happen.


Underground  utilities, 242 Senate bill.  Exempt lines on map.  For safety take exemption out of Bill. Agreeing that all should be included and this will go to the Senators.


ACDOPS-Advisory board minutes. Radio equipment was started and only a few did not work. Mobile cam will do the installation. Training has started. Roll out will start with the Millcreek and Erie installed first. Someone will have to be available to set up. Mobile will be first and then the bases.


There was an email that was sent that said Westmoreland County got a grant for 4-3 million for recruitment and retention.  A board subcommittee needs to be started to look into this.



CERT-5 new members.  Making decisions on future trainings.  No incidents the past few months. LEPC-Looking into new replacement.

Legislative-9{27, 2827 House bill.  EMS. Will be looked into. Can download a copy of this.


Oct 4th, Tax code bill.  542 House bill.  Fire works bill. Taxes go to public safety on line tailing is wanted.  Local legislation was against tax code.  32 acts this year.  3000

bills introduced. Department of Health provision of"cocaine" money available.


House bill2835 include requirement for social media to make requirement for grant. Scheduled hearing to discuss.



PA Grant classes notification went out to last years contact person.


Fire grounds---Lay down grounds completed.  Structural class.  Structural engineer for cement pad­ need to be worked on. Burn box was donated for burning. Foot mill is closed.


Safety House-About done and needs inspected. Will be taken care of. Good of the Order-North East next weekend special vehicle rescue (free).

Convention-recruitment and retention. www.become a PA There is a grant that was sent to fire departments for recruitment.


RACES-Winter exercises went well overall. 3-6 foot snow scenario.


West County antenni work was done.


Millcreek wants to get 10-13 radio operators to be available.


Motion to adjorn and seconded.


Next meeting is November 9th at Springfield.



Respectfully submitted by,


Penelope Hermann Secretary

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