Erie County Firefighters Association 5/12/2017

Attendance--- 4 companies and 4 associates Pledge-led by Sparky Warner


Roll call-Penny Hermann

Treasure report-by Monica Warner-Hsee attached form.

There were 138 dinners were paid out of the 160 dinners (330-) Discussion was had of how to prevent this next year.

Financial report-one bill for internet and postage of $51.19. We will hold bill until more members to vote.

There was a motion to accept the financial report.

The following will be check signers: Dave Duberow, Chris Hermann and Monica Warner. 90 EZ has been completed and available to view.

Approval for last month1s minutes Old Business--none


Fire Safety House---    Northeast wanted and franklin township supervisor called.  Reminded to call Perry Highway. 

Remind everyone to use (Randy). Sparky will get ahold of Randy.


LEPC: March next year is the start up of the radios. Share microwaves on 2 sites. 3 mil. In savings on equipment.

Tower site in Wayne township.

Will honor no charge for site but a charge for other things. Will look into this. Will try and get it to say no cost.

Trailer-special needs

July exercise

September west county outreach October chemical safety

Legislative: Bill 2013 looks like it will go through.

CERT: Basic training in July.  

STATE ASSOC: Penn Hills in July

Fire Grounds: none

New Business: none

Good of Order: none Next meeting: Cransville


Motion to adjourn by Chris Hermann


Respectfully submitted by:

Penelope Hermann Secretary

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