Erie County Firefighters Association

August  11,2017


Pledge---led by Sparky


Roll call-Penny Hermann 

Visitor Cynthia E. Ayers, Republican for US senate spoke.



Finance report-see attached, Monica Warner.

Bills-registration for trailer.

--internet service and postage

Motioned to pay bills

. County budget time.

---letter in for county

 ---still did not settle the gaming.


Old Business---

 --State hasn't passed budget

---held up title 35

 ---2 official letters went out


---Perry Hi-way says they will still do dinner. Thinking after Easter and same Caterer. Friday the 13'' of April.


---County Department of Public Safety

----Mass Casualty trailer.

----list needed

---Cost of things needed is about $10,000. July or August roll out was expected.  Have not heard back yet.

---Sparky will follow up.


--Errors and omissions insurance

---Cancelled us because bill was not paid but we did not receive. Monica paid bill they sent her. They then claimed a late fee of $25. After a discussion, the company took care of the fee.


New Business

6/26 Kuhl Hose

 Thank you for donation from the Robert Smith family.


Chose to Audit 

Elgin Beaver Dam


Space on tower for public safety

Make sure no charge and language is correct


Ticket price for dinner should be more this year due to the loss made last year on this.

----motioned to raise the cost to $17 dollars.


Perry Hi-Way would like a committee to help with the fire trailer.  Booking is going well with it.




Cert---Basic training 5 more members.

 28'h training is planned.

 LEPC---West County Community Response October  lO'h

Spill trailers is being considered and almost done.

Legislative--Waiting on legislators

 ··-HAZMAT team

 ---is a fireman and his HAZMATteam covered.  As a fireman, yes.

Firefighters only are covered by the cancer benefit.


fire grounds-

State grant

Lay down yard. Proposals have gone out will be done in October.


Government Dinner at Mannequor? Will consider this.


Elgin Beaver Dam on tv

·-Rescue training

---Got grant for green bin


Good of Order-None


****Text paging will be out tonight through Sunday as outgoing won't work.


Next meeting is at Elgin Beaver Dam.


Motion to adjourn by Chris Hermann.


Respectfully submitted by,


Penelope Hermann

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