Erie County Firefighters Association


March 10,2017

Attendance---  11companies and 5 associates.

Pledge- led by Sparky Warner  

Roll call-Penny Hermann

Treasure report-by Monica Warner---see attached form. Monica set up people to sign for checks.

Financial report-no bills, motion to accept the financial report. Motioned and approved to accept.

Last month minutes-error in who did roll can and month of awards dinner both were corrected for last month minutes. Motioned and approved to accept.

Old Business-Dinner went well last month. There were 25 to 30 no shows to the dinner and they were paid for.

Dinner is lined up for next month. (April 14th)

---2 politicians are coming.

--- March 31is the deadline for dinner.

---awards need sent in by March 241h.

---stork pin discussion.

---Lookingfor keynote speaker. Fire Safety house is at Perry Highway

---814-864-0680 (station 43) and talk to Ann to line up or reserve.

Girard essentials class is at midterm point and needs to be funded. Monica will follow up.

New Business---Girard is considering having field day the 22nd of July. Tryingto see if there is an interest. In the works.

Brian ( Erie County Skywarn.

Going to have a training on March 23n:1 at 6:30pm at the Blasco Library.

See attached flyer.

Jim Patrone ideas for upcoming dinner. Decided on a memorial plaque to the museum in his name and make a presentation at the dinner. Also, include their yearly donation at this time.

Discussion on inviting his wife to the dinner to receive award.  Motioned and carried to do this.

Discussion on the All State account. 

They will be emailing paperwork to Monica. Cannot be renewed for one year. Looking into changing name on account.

This account is paying a good return.


Board was on Wednesday.

One of the seats is empty and are getting ready to fill. Get ahold of Charlie if you are interested. MCI plan is going to be sent out for approval

Tony Pol retired.

Law enforcement chair is vacant.


413 Senate bill was discussed.

15% real estate tax deduction.

Discussion on the gaming situation and how this money is not guaranteed.

Operations Class.

Basic class the 24, 25, 26 of this month. Community response exercises.

State Association

Swave meeting next weekend

Will send out information when received.

Proving Grounds

Approved Fence-April 1st

5-year plan looking like an 8 year plan New door at the top of the stairway Training calendar is out

April 3Qth and May 13 is the preventative maintenance class.

Good of the order

3 months of the PA Fireman books are available.

March 25th is the Gun Raffle at Kuhl hose.

Car is being raffled off at McKean Feather party/gun raffle November 11th.

Next meeting is at the dinner.  Motioned to adjourn.

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