Meeting minutes-West Lake Fire Department

Attendance- 9 companies +4 Associate agencies-

PLEDGE- We were led in the Pledge of Allegiance by Sparky Warner

PRAYER- We were led by Dave Duberow

ROLL CALL- by Mary Richards   

TREASURE REPORT- see attached.  There was a motion and 2nd and approved by body.  The 990 for 2015 was completed and sent in.

FINANCE/BILLS- Postage stamps $.68, Dodge tires valve stems X’s two $22.68, SR 60 Committee $72.10, Safety House trailer $12.00.  Motion to pay the bills by Dave Duberow and second by Jim Carstater and carried by the body.

LAST MONTHS MINUTES- A motion was made by Bob Reinhart and second by Jim Carstater to accept June minutes and was approved by the body

OBITS- Eric Gunther (not sure of Fire Dept.), Marty Ball-Wesleyville 6/23/16, Randy Boyce-Harborcreek-7/5/16, Gene Combs-Wattsburg-7/19/16, Ken Kovacs-Cranesville-7/20/16, Bob Smith-Kuhl Hose-7/22/16, Matt Love-Belle Valley & Kuhl Hose-8/4/16, Ed Podoll-Albion-8/8/16.  If you do not show up to a meeting your department will not receive the check for the families.


NEW BUSINESS- A request from West Lake for an advance level class coming up in February.  It is a Street smart company officer class.  They are asking for the $1,000 out of the 2017 allotment.  Scott Hyde and Dave Wentz girlfriend approached Jim Petrone to talk to this organization to see if we would give any money to his family for a headstone.  There was a motion made by Jim Petrone and second by Dave Duberow not to donate and carried by the body. 

Should bring a class here for training on grain mills. 

The change to the Hammermill site will be Interstate Chemical has confirmed they are moving there and the second company will be a paper company.  

Randy sent out that the State money will be reopening on 9/2/16.  The old ones are closed and it is for 3 years, this year and last 2 years which is the Emergency reporting.  If you would like to they will come and help out with doing the reporting.  They will do it by the County. 

Greene Township is in the process of putting in a new sewer system and would be a good idea to do training on trench rescue.


EMA- N/A County is working on their Hazard Mitigation report.                                               



LEGISLATIVE- Don Konkel submitted Jim Carstater name to Senate and it was appointed to the SR-60 region commission.  They appointed 30 members and met on 7/27/16 at the new PEMA headquarters.  On 7/8/16 they had the FASP meeting in Canonsburg.  The committee came up with a list of recommendations which Jim Carstater sent out.  The question was, do we leave the report as is and continue to work on the items that weren’t done, or do we take the list of new items and add it to it or form a new commission and rewrite it.  A number of legislators (House and Senate) felt that given the number of new recommendation that they should have a new commission write a new report.  They are having a hearing on 8/23/16 strictly on the SR 60 recommendations.  The State wide advisory board is meeting on Saturday and they are going to discuss everything that has transpired so far and Don Konkel is going to ask if there is anything to add to the 14 items.  Jim Petrone had one more item to add which has to do with part paid companies not being able to use relief association money for safety equipment.  They will meet again in September and another SWAB meeting in November.  The title 35 hearing was cancelled and they would like it to be rescheduled.

STATE ASSOCIATION-PA fire grants start 9/7/2016-10-21/2016 it last for 45 days

FIRE GROUNDS-Fire fly has the tanks set for pumps testing and for evolutions.  Has a dryer for dryer fire prop and Erie Insurance wants to do something with it. 

SAFETY HOUSE- Attached are a copy of the Guidelines for the use and scheduling of the Safety House.  The truck for the Safety House will not pass inspection, it was bought in 2010.  There is a lot wrong with truck, from last year inspection to this year inspection it has 34 miles that was put on it.  In the last 6 years we have put less than 3,000 miles on it.  Mike Zentis made a motion to sell the truck for a price of $5,000 or best offer and was second by Dave Duberow and carried by the body.  We need to get the truck inspected and have Randy send out emails that it is for sale “AS IS”.  We could also list it on Craig List.  Need to think about having someone else schedule the Safety House as Belle Valley’s secretary is unable to continue to schedule it.  Perry Hi-Way has offered their Secretary to take over the scheduling temporarily. 

GOOD OF THE ORDER- Mary Richards will be leaving her position as Secretary by the end of this year.  We will need to find a new Secretary to start January 2017.

  The Public Safety Banquet Awards Dinner will be held on 4/14/2017 (Good Friday) at Perry HI-Way Hose Company. 

Perry Hi-Way is having a Reverse Raffle on 9/10/2016.

 They are taking application for a per diem pool, looking for 4-5 EMT and 4-5 Medics and the application is on the web site. 

Perry Hi-Way is replacing their grass truck chassis the one the body is coming off of is a 2004 Chevy with a 450 motor and a 9ft Fisher Plow and has 20,000 miles on it.

Elgin Beaver Dam received a letter from Novatas (Medicare) did not pay a bill due to 2nd diagnoses being omitted from claim.  They were wondering if any other company received a letter.  

Dave Duberow had said that St. John’s Social Hall is now under new management.

NEXT MEETING- Motion to adjourn at 8:15pm by Tom Allgeier and 2nd by passed by the body.  The next meeting will be at Elgin Beaver Dam on 9/9/16 from 7p-9p

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