Meeting minutes- September 9, 2016 Elgin Beaver Dam

Attendance- 6 companies + 3 Associate agencies

PLEDGE- Led by Sparky Warner

PRAYER- Led in prayer by Dave Duberow

ROLL CALL- Sparky Warner

TREASURE REPORT- see attached copy motion to accept and passed by the body

FINANCE/BILLS- Check that was sent to Jim Carstater has not shown up will send out another if it doesn’t show up. Motion to accept and was passed by body

OBITUARY- Rich Pierson from Erie Fire Dept. and Dennis Weinheimer from Crescent and Fuller

LAST MONTHS MINUTES- There was a correction to the minutes concerning opening of the State money instead of 9/2 the money was opened up on 9/7/16 to 10/21/16.  The Swab meeting the Pen fir participation was up to just under 60%.  Motion to accept and passed by the body.

OLD BUSINESS- Ambulance calls when you file your report most pass but they pick 10% randomly and if anything is wrong they take a percentage of the mistakes.  There is a new bill to be introduced right after the first of the year.   It will address direct pay which is not working out and look at other issues.   It doesn’t mean it will get passed.  PAA has a committee that is working on this.  You have 60 days from the time you signed the contract to purchase any additional items (at a discounted price) we didn’t know at the time we are running out of time and didn’t know what they cost.  Depending on what brand there are 3 types of radio’s good, better, and best. The price for portables range from $2300 to $2600 and mobiles from $1500-$2000.  This reduced price is only good for 60 days.  All of the big items at the Public Safety Building are to be replaced in ten years but individual departments are good for 3 years.  Right now you are just putting in an order you are not buying them yet.  We need to have the procedures in place as to how we want to utilize it.  We haven’t done the upfront planning yet.  The contract was awarded based on the numbers that they had.  The contract was signed prior to the press conference around mid-August.

NEW BUSINESS- There are 7 trailers that Hazmat has that are going to be spread out to the State line in both directions.  Walnut Creek, Trout run, Godfrey run, 4 mile creek etc. the trailers will be full of Hazmat supplies.  The fire departments will have access to them in an emergency.  Brian Mesaros has the list of where they are all going, they will have cameras on them and they will have locks on them as well.  Jim goes to the County to request $62,000 which is $2,000 for fireman, $2,000 for the kid’s safety house, $2,000 for Legislative work to cover our operating cost, $1,000 each quadrant and then FF 1 & FF2 is $2,000 each. 




LEPC- Met this morning at the EOC. The planning committee is working on developing outreach programs for 2017. More to come on that.

LEGISLATIVE-The SR60 reboot commission meeting on 7/27 announced hearings set for 8-23 on SR60 and 8-24 on the Title 35 rewrite. The Senate was looking for recommendations from Flynn on Title 35 and he wasn’t ready yet.  As a result, the hearing on the 24th was cancelled.  Subsequently, the Senate rescheduled the Title 35 hearing for the 24th and invited the chairs of the regional terrorism task forces to testify, and 3 or 4 of them showed up.  The original Title 35 recommendations were initiated back in 2008. During the 2009/10 legislative session a summary of proposed amendments to the Title was developed, but no legislative action was taken.  We are now into the 3rd  two year legislative session of the General Assembly where no legislation has been passed.  They re- introduced the same bill (SB35) this session where it has sat in the Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee.  We have recommended a coordinated effort between the SR60 and Title 35 efforts, so that the overlapping issues, of which there are several, do not become obstacles to legislation.  The next session starts in January and then they will have to reorganize which could take 2-3 weeks. Should the leadership change, it could change the priorities of the current chairman.

STATE ASSOCIATION- Will be meeting 9/21 – 24 in Cannonsburg. The L&L Committee will be meeting, which includes several members of the SWAB on Wednesday 9/21. There will be further discussion on the list of SR60 recommendations. Members of the committee will be attending the next SWAB meeting to be held in conjunction with the PFESI annual meeting in Harrisburg in November.


SAFETY HOUSE- The truck for the Safety House had to have welding done, new rotors on the back and brake lines.  There is an individual who has offered $4000 for it and it is a fair price.  It is on Craig’s list and haven’t heard anything.  We will get ahold of Wagner & Giblin to cancel the Insurance.

GOOD OF THE ORDER- Just want to remind everyone that we are looking for a Secretary to take and type the minutes as of 1/1/2017.  Anyone that is interested or has question you can contact Sparky or Monica Warner.

NEXT MEETING- Motion to adjourn accepted and passed by the body.  Next meeting will be at the Fairview Fire Department on 10/14/16

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