Meeting minutes- October 14, 2016 at Fairview Fire Department

Attendance- 6 companies + 4 Associate agencies

PLEDGE- led by Sparky Warner

PRAYER- led by Dave Duberow

ROLL CALL- Mary Richards

TREASURE REPORT- Monica Warner- on Sept. 26th the Safety House truck was sold for $4,000 and the Insurance has been cancelled on the truck but will continue on the house itself.  Monica Warner will transfer $3,000 to the checking account in anticipation for the Fire Fighter 1 invoice.  Erie FF Training program is open to all fire departments, they have classes during the day.  It is for Fire Fighter 1 and Jim Petrone will get more information and will pass it on.  There was a bill from Pa Fireman Book,   The first yr. is for $70 and 3 yrs. will be $195.  It is cheaper for 3 yrs. so that is what will be sent.  There is .09 cents interest in checking and $114.42 for the savings account. There was a motion from Jim Petrone and second by Dave Duberow and carried by the body to pay the bills.

FINANCE/BILLS- see attached copy- there was a motion to accept the bills second and passed by the body.

OBITUARY – 9/13/16 Courtney Fargo- Stanford Hose company/Corry, 9/24/16 Dan Pomorski- Erie Fire Department, 9/23/16 Charles Alward- Edinboro Fire Department, 10/4/16 Jim Hoffman Sr. - Union City Fire Department, 10/5/16 Hans Kesselring – Perry Hi Way Hose Company, 10/5/16 Bob King- Corry/Columbus Fire Department, 10/8/16 John Nesgoda-Wesleyville Fire Department. Just a reminder that if you have a past or present member that has deceased you need to attend a meeting within 90 days of their passing to receive the money.

LAST MONTHS MINUTES- motion made by Jim Petrone and second by Dave Duberow and carried by the body.

OLD BUSINESS-Jim Petrone was asked to be at the County Court house on 10/26/16 at 17:30 about the money from the County.  There was a question about the mobiles, the cost of them is no better than a portable.  With the mobile antennae we are getting no matter where you are the portables will get on or more of the towers. The portables put out 5 watts not sure of the mobiles.  If you can get out on the portable then why not forgo the mobiles.  If it works the way it is supposed to then North East should be able to talk with Springfield because you are bouncing from tower to tower which you can’t do now.  Station 53 (Fairview) was approved for one of the towers.

 PEMA Pa Fire Grant is still open until next Friday Oct 21 at 4pm.  If you don’t do you’re reporting you will not be eligible to apply for the Grant.  You could get around $12,500 for Fire and around $7,000 for EMS of free money per year you just need to report your calls. The amount will depend on how many FF 1 personnel you have. The Grant will be open until 10/21 and would be all electronically accepted for the signature sheet.  The program was renewed at the 30 million figure requested an additional 5 million to cover the expanding coverage of the program.  It had been defeated meaning the 30 million could potentially be cut into core pieces. This year you must be PENFIR registered.




CERT- Reviewing the Training and ramping things up.

LEPC- Executive Board meeting today, talked about the radios.  The full meeting is on 11/4/16.  For the last year to year and half they have been trying to get the companies that haven’t been reporting to report.  They have $45,000 so far

LEGISLATIVE- They are in session this week and done after the elections.  Whatever is left from this year will be tossed out and they will start over next year.  SR 60 committee has been going through things and there will be another meeting that Jim Carstater will be going to. 

STATE ASS0CIATION- Safir Grant went through again. The recruitment and retention Grant applications are now available at become pa submission must be electronically the link is on the website titled 2016-2017 grant request forms. See attached form.

FIRE GROUNDS-Perry Hi way will receive $300,000 from the Task Force

SAFETY HOUSE-Need a copy of the Insurance card or proof of Insurance to have with the Safety House.  Waiting for inspection.  Storage at Millcreek may have fallen through and are still looking for a place to store it.  If a place can’t be found it will have to stay outside. Perry Hi Way Secretary may do the scheduling for the house will have to verify.


NEXT MEETING- meeting will be held at Springfield Fire Department on 11/11/16. Motion to adjourn and accepted by the body.

 Just want to remind everyone that we are looking for a Secretary to take and type the minutes as of 1/1/2017. The meeting on 12/9/16 will be the last time I will be taking dictation and typing it up.  Anyone that is interested or has question you can contact Sparky or Monica Warner.

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