Meeting minutes- May 13, 2016
Attendance- 7 companies & 3 Associates

           PLEDGE: By the body

           PRAYER: Led by Dave Duberow

           Minutes: Were received by everyone motion to accept by Dave Duberow

           And second by John and carried by the body.    

Treasurer’s report:  See attached financial report- The bill for the Public Safety Dinner is as follows: Caterer $1690 for the meal, $348 for the pies and $418 for the awards with a total of $2456.  Income for the tickets were $2692 with a profit of $236. Cincinnati Bond is for $275.00 and $418.20 for the  wooden plagues, and Registration for truck is $83.00, and West Lake is midway through there essential class and email was sent for request for reimbursement. We received more money for the Dinner $75 and $45 and Belle Valley has paid for several back years of dues, Monica will check on back dues for them.  Motion to accept and carried by the body. Monica is working on the 990 and requested an extension and has until August.

OBITS:  Lori Herman from Franklin Twp. 3/28/16, Bill Callahan from Fairview Fire Dept. 4/3/16, Frank Lewis from Fuller Hose Company 4/5/16, Bill Dann from Fairview Fire Dept. 4/8/16, Roger Rose from Kuhl Hose 4/18/16, Paul Duberow from Fairview Fire Dept. 4/24/16, Dean Bartos from Belle Valley Fire Dept. 5/11/16.

Fire Safety House:  Needs to go to Holtz Garage and the tires need to be fixed, there is a drag on the electrical system which needs to be checked.  The House and Truck will eventually will be stored and scheduled through Millcreek.  Supplies are getting very low will need to order more especially for National Night Out. 

LEPC: Need to get back the two forms from the Fire Departments and want to make sure everyone understands them.  We want to put a program together for the fire department to interpret them and reach out to them.  On 8/2/16 we are going to do National Night out and will be at Belle Valley.  The last week in September we are going to do outreach like we did last year for the fixed facilities.  For the Fire Departments, First Responders, Hospitals, EMS and First receivers. It will be a table top, any questions we can answer them.

Radio Communications:

Legislative: Senate bill 1096 the Alert System Bill has received the first consideration as currently wrote with no amendments and then Monday May 16th it is scheduled for a second reading.  House Bill 1310 the 911 passed the Senate and is going to the Governor for a signature.  House Bill 1877 the Fire Grant authorization Bill had a hearing before the Senate, Veterans Emergency Preparedness committee and is reported out of the committee and needs to be acted upon by the full Senate and signed by the Governor by the end of the fiscal year which is next month June 30th.

New Business: Training- Advance level Class Erie Fire is putting on May 23-26 “Understanding the Modern Fire Environment, Flow Paths, Fuels and Firefighting Tactics seminar.  Each seminar will be presented by FDNY Deputy Chief George K. Healy.  See the attached course Syllabus which explains the description, course outline and prerequisites.  They are asking for funding assistance from the Erie County Firefighter’s Association for this venture.  His cost structure includes a teaching fee of $500 per day and travel expenses. They would appreciate any reasonable amount to help defray the costs of this educational experience.

Lake Shore has a multiple structure training program coming up.  West Ridge cancelled their class so Lake shore will be available in that quadrant for the $1000 same as Erie Fire Dept. 

The Awards dinner we are going to have to do a revamp on the committee as Jim Carstater is stepping down.  Jim Petrone is stepping down also so we need a new committee and if we are still going to have the Awards dinner.  Everyone was pleased with the Dinner and Perry Hi-Way has the date penciled in if the dinner continues.  There was a motion on the Floor to go back to Perry HI Way for the Awards Dinner on 4/14/17.  There was a second and passed by the body.

 Perry Hi Way received 12 Medic and 26 EMT applications for the positions that were posted.

We have 14 companies that have paid their dues for 2016. 

EMA/ECDOPS: Fairview and Lake Shore had a program Tuesday at the Water Authority in Fairview.  Brian Mesaros from EMA brought some maps up from their area and went over derailment issues and they talked about the water flow and areas of concerns.  Brian Mesaros would like to meet with other department that are by the tracks.  Talked about the concerns and how to mitigate the problems. 

CERT Team: There were a few CERT members that went to the Hazmat Tech class and are Technicians now. 

Old Business: Nothing new

Fire Training grounds: tanks are in the ground, Fire Fighters are working on the drafting to pump the water back into the tanks and can do ISO pump test right there also.  They are 6,000 gallons each.  The Township is coming in to lay some stone to help with the mud.

Good of the order: Starting June 6th Perry HI Way will be up and running paid staff, BLS until middle of July when they get their ALS license approved then they will be ALS and BLS.  They will be out of the Oliver Road Station. The ultimate goal at the end of 2 years will be to have a 24hr BLS truck and 24hr ALS truck and a manager on.  How is the funding for that? It is Through Summit Twp. When they get up and running and get more income in on the Ambulance side they can put more staff on. 

FYI: Elgin Beaver Dam, Stanford Hose and Columbus Fire Dept have been talking about combining and Elgin Beaver Dam has officially said no.  Columbus and Corry are still moving forward with it.

Motion to adjourn accepted and passed by the body.  Next meeting is 6/10/16 at Cranesville Fire Dept.

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