Meeting minutes-November 11, 2016 at Springfield Fire Department

Attendance-8 companies + 4 Associate agencies

PLEDGE-led by Sparky Warner

PRAYER-led by Dave Duberow

ROLL CALL-by Mary Richards

TREASURE REPORT-by Monica Warner-see attached form

FINANCE/BILLS- Safety House inspection was $48.74 paid to Belle Valley Fire Department.  Motion to pay bills by Mike Zentis and second by Dave Duberow and carried by the body.

OBITS- Harry Love, Jr.-West Ridge-10/19/16; Doug Gottschling-Lake City/Dobler-10/5/16; Fred Kiedaish-Albion-10/25/16; Gil Keinath-West Ridge-10/29/2016.

LAST MONTHS MINUTES-motion to accept minutes by Harold Perkins and second by Jim Petrone and carried by the body.

OLD BUSINESS - County Council will offer $18,000 for next year which is the same amount as this year which will be voted on 11/15/16.  Not sure if we will get any more after 2017.  For the PEMA Grant make sure if your name is on the list.  Some Department names are on the list but are filling out their reports so just double check.  The original list of radios has been revised and changes have been made right up submission.

NEW BUSINESS-Jim Carstater was asked to get in touch with the Maennerchor Club to schedule the Gov’t Dinner.  The Dinner hopefully will be scheduled for the 2nd Friday in February.  April 14th 2017 will be the Public Safety Banquet Awards Dinner held at Perry Hi-Way



CERT-they are possibly going to hold a class in Corry

LEPC-they had their meeting Friday morning and would like to do 4 outreaches one each quarter starting in March in West County. John hasn’t filled the vacancy yet might just appoint people.

LEGISLATIVE- anything not passed dies will have to start all over again next year.  Need to watch house bill 1863 passed which is not Sean Wiley’s bill but one on the Municipal tax may bill.  The way it passed was it was sent to the governor on 10/27 and he still hasn’t signed it.  The bill provides for a local municipality, school district or County to adopt an earned income tax credit.  A School or County real estate property tax credit of not more than 20% of the liability if they opt in to do so. If you opt in it is only eligible to active volunteers who would qualify.  The fire commissioner office will be involve in establishing what a volunteer criteria is.  We need to pay close attention to this as it put in with the bill.  Next week Thursday, Friday and Saturday there will be a SR 60 committee meeting which will be on Thursday morning. EMSOF fine increase did not pass this time around.  They want parity in the 30 million grant program.  We have been opposed to that because they get EMSOF money that we don’t get.  If we don’t pay attention to that we might lose it. 



SAFETY HOUSE- sitting at Elgin Beaver Dam and it is done for the year, Perry Hi-Way may do the scheduling for 2017. 

GOOD OF THE ORDER-McKean will hold their gun raffle Saturday November 12th.  BVFD now has a Paramedic unit in house 24/7 to answer calls.  Sparky & Monica Warner and Jim Petrone will get together 11/22/16 to do the audit for ECFFA.

NEXT MEETING-will be held at the Public Safety Building on 12/9/16.  There will be positions up that will need filling.  The Secretary position needs to be filled starting with the January meeting.


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