Meeting minutes-March 11, 2016- McKean Hose Company

Attendance- 8 companies + 4 Associate agencies

Treasurer’s report- There are a lot of Departments that still owe their Dues.  The Following departments that have paid their dues are: Cranesville F.D., Union City F.D., Elgin-Beaverdam Hose, Perry Hi-Way Hose, West Lake F.D., Dobler Hose, and Lawrence Park F.D.

We received in the mail Fireman’s Association State of Pa $20 for dues. The Convention dates are 9/21-24/2016 and we need approval for that.  Motion made by Jim Petrone and second by Bob Reinhart and carried by the body. 

See attached financial report- There was a motion to pay the bills, motion was passed bills were paid.

OBITS:  John Afton- Kuhl Hose, Frank Kilbane- Edinboro, Ken Burns- Waterford FD, Ed Kempf Jr.- Cranesville, Pete Amsler- Perry Hi-Way, Kyle Liebold- Brookside & Perry Hi-Way, Anthony Renaud- Lawrence Park, and Ken Hanlin Jr- Union City.          


Fire Safety House: We are now scheduling the Safety House so if there is a date that you want you need to call BVFD to schedule it.


Radio Communications: There were some questions about if there was anyone who had a problem with the radio contract with the County.  Elgin Boro has opted out but that is the only one.  If you choose to opt out you are responsible to get your own equipment and if you sign on you can’t use the system. 

Legislative: There were 27 items to the list of suggestions but wanted to keep it to the top 5.  (1.) Fire Grant extension, (2.) Fire insurance tax increase, 3. Recruitment and Retention and tax incentive for employers to release their employees to run calls, (4.) Regulatory Relief and problems with Title 35, (5.) Communications and standardized Emergency Services reporting has to do with the NIMS program.  If you think of anything more important than this email Jim Carstater before next Monday.

New Business: We have an invoice from Albion for their advanced level training class.  When the Association applies for funds from County every year, we were given $18,000 this year.  When the list is made out for what we will be spending the money on $2,000 goes to the Museum and $2,000 goes to the Safety House for supplies and repairs to the vehicles.  Then $1000 gets set aside for advanced level training classes one per region and $2000 for Fire Fighter 1 classes.  This year we have a Fire Fighter 1 class with West Lake coming up and they can invoice no sooner than half way thru the class.  There are two other upper level classes coming up.   Albion has already submitted and West Ridge has one coming up.  Erie Fire department is also having one. 

Erie Fire Department is now having an ICS-300 class and is open to the County.  Any class that the City offers it is open to everyone and classes start at 9am. 

Fire Dynamics Class- 5/2-5/2016 Monday thru Thursday which will be 8 classes.  4 morning classes starting at 9am at the Library, and 4 evening classes starting at 6pm at Central Tech. The check for this class will be made out to the instructor.  Randy will also send out the information for everyone including training classes, times and location.  There was a motion from Jim Petrone and second by Mike Zentis to pay Erie Fire Department ($1,000), West Ridge F.D. ($1,000) and West Lake is pending proper notification (2,000) and carried by the body.

PEMA money is available to get for the grant application.  Didn’t receive an email but looked and found out it was available.  The commissioner said it expires 6/30/2016 unless it get renewed, let your Representatives know to support it.

EMA/ECDOPS: Received a letter from FEMA about the disaster rates which Pennsylvania is presently at 17 million of losses.  They are think of increasing it to a minimum of 19 million to a maximum of 58 million. This is just a preliminary information for public comment. 

Tuesday 3/15/16 the bid is opened up for the Next Gen Radio System.

CERT Team: Just finished the CERT Basic Training Class and put through 12 people and all have joined the team.

Old Business: The EMS Policy is having a meeting Monday at 6pm at Perry Hi-Way

Fire Training grounds: PEMA is letting loose of some of the money for Search and Rescue at the training grounds.

Good of the order: The Awards Dinner will be at Perry Hi-Way.  Dave Duberow is accepting the reservations, you can e-mail the number attending to Dave at and then pay at the door.

Kuhl Hose is having their gun raffle on 3/19/16 at St. Boniface

McKean Fire Dept. is having a fish fry on 3/25/16

Still gathering equipment and trying to get the truck out to North Dakota.

Motion to adjourn by John Brown and second by Tom Allgeier and accepted by the body, next meeting will be on April 8, 2016 at Perry Hi-Way for the Awards Banquet.

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