Meeting minutes-June 10th 2016- Cranesville Fire Department

Attendance- 7 Companies + 4 Associate Agencies

Pledge- by the body

Prayer- led by Dave Duberow

Roll Call- by Mary Richards

Finance/Bills- check for Mary Richards for stamps, and a bill to Belle Valley Fire Department for a battery for the Safety House for $109.95.  See attached Financial Report. Belle Valley gave a check for $75 for their dues which include 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017. There was a recall for the Safety Truck on the airbag and tie rod problem, ECFFA received a Thank You note from Dean Bartos family. Motion to accept by Dave Duberow and Jim Petrone and passed by the body. 

Last Month minutes- Minutes were received by everyone and a motion was made by Mike Zentis, 2nd by Dave Duberow to accept and passed by the body.

Obits- Joe Maille-Harborcreek Fire Dept., Elwin Rose-Kuhl Hose, Leigh Cotton- Kuhl Hose, Ken Sorenson-Corry Fire Dept.

Old Business- If there is anyone interested in serving on the awards committee let Sparky Warner or Dave Duberow know.  There has been a few people interested and they will get back to them.

New Business- Nothing

ECDOPS- Around 9/24/16 is a tentative date for the 911 Open House

EMA- Had quarterly meeting last week for LEMC’s.  Had 2nd annual meeting for elected officials.  Bill Heald is retiring and they interviewed 3 people for his position for West County EMA. 

CERT- Nothing

LEPC- Nothing


Legislative- 6/9/16 introduced Bill in the house # 2154 that was referred to the Veterans Affair Emergency Preparedness Committee which would have been Title 35 and was repealed special fire police and replace with Fire Police Bill defining and regulating Fire Police in Pennsylvania which is starting from scratch. If you want to it is House bill 2154 and printer number 3498 essentially it is a complete rewrite.  Fire Grant Bill was reported out 5/11/16 in the Senate and passed the House and still hasn’t acted on it yet and it expires at the end of this month. If it doesn’t pass this month and it actually expires do they have to start all over from scratch for the new bill?

State Association- meeting in Canonsburg by Pittsburgh

Fire Grounds- big part of the cost is to fence it and small part of the cost is storm water management, tanks are in the ground.  It is now in Dale Robinson hands to run it through the Task Force. 

Safety House- The truck has problems with electrical system and can’t find it, need to do research on how much we have put into the truck and what has already been done with the truck.  Need to get an Insurance card from Wagner and Giblin Insurance Company.  If the truck gets replaced needs to be a 1 ton, might be cheaper to have the different departments (who are sponsoring the use of the truck) pull it rather than to get a new one, check to see what the cost would be to rent a 1 ton truck.  The vehicle needs to be checked out before it leaves to be used at an event, and check once it is returned plus make sure you fill out the log book so mileage can be documented.  Millcreek has offered to store the house and truck there but waiting on the Solicitor to approve it.

Good of the order- Getting ready to take the Engine out of service to send down to North Dakota, BVFD has a locker with over 1000 feet of 2 ½” and 3” of hose to go.  Randy will put out a reminder.  McKean is having their 75th Anniversary on 8/6/16 would also like to use the Safety House that day if available, there will be a parade and fireworks. August 2nd is National Night out this year. Motion to adjourn carried by body.

Next meeting- August 12th at West Lake Fire Department.

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