Meeting minutes- October 9, 2015 @ West Lake Fire Dept.

Attendance- 7 companies + 4 Associate agencies

Minutes: There is a correction to the minutes.  The Gov’t dinner is on February 12th not April 12th as stated.  Dave Duberow still having a problem receiving the minutes Sparky will check into the problem. Minutes were accepted with the correction and passed by the body. 

Treasurer’s report:  See attached copy- There was a motion to pay the bills, motion was passed bills were paid.  The Wagner and Giblin called to see when the name was changed and would like a copy of when the name was changed. 

OBITS:  Howard Griazier died sometime in March. Jim Petrone is following up on it.

Fire Safety House:  BVFD asked if Millcreek will house the Safety House and possibly take over the scheduling.  The Fire Department that covers the area where the event is taking place is to run the safety House for the event.  There is a problem with the tires as they are always losing air.  Supplies where bought for the Safety House when it goes out to Public Outreach Events.

LEPC: There where 51 attendees from local businesses that attended our chemical safety risk and planning in the morning and a table top event last weekend and it will be repeated next year as there was great feedback for it.  Hazmat re-certification is 10/20/2015 and PEMA will be here for it. LEPC to attend a 1pm ECATO meeting at Nick’s place in Edinboro on 10/22/15.

Radio Communications: Everything is proceeding nothing new, after November they will decide on type of radios for Departments.  Hopefully by November we will know more information.


New Business: On 9/28/2015 there was a meeting at Edinboro College and they asked about bringing back the Fire School, the classes would be there (starting next May) and the field work will be at Perry Hi-Way.  Check with your people to see if there is an interest in it.  Elgin Beaver-Dam is having a Rail Safety for Emergency Responders Class from 08:30-1600 hrs. on 10/25/2015.  There will be 4 hours of Lecture and 4 hours of hands on work.  There is no charge for the class and lunch is provided. 

Elgin Beaver-Dam is requesting funding assistance for two classes sponsored by Elgin Beaver-Dam the 16 hr. Strategy and Tactics class held on September 26-27/2015 and the 8 hr. Rail Class on 10/25.  Motion made by Jim Carstater and second by Kip Hayford and accepted by the body.  The annual Swab meeting is coming 11/20-21/2015.

EMA/ECDOPS: They want to remind people about rabid bats, they like to get into attics.  Working on Crude Oil training plans looking for information to continue on with that plan. Brian in in Atlanta right now and he text Dale with Commodity flow study off of CSX for that line.  There is 76% of all cars coming through Erie on CSX are crude oil or ethanol. They have a cache of cribbing at the Public Safety Building.  They are calling for a very strong El-Nino this winter which means above normal temps. January-May below normal temps so keep in mind your storm response and there could possibly be more blizzards.

CERT Team:  Cert Basic Training is on 10/16-18/2015.  We are having a full team drill on 10/17/2015 from 9a-12 noon at the Public Safety Building.

Old Business:  Everything is set for the Awards Dinner at Perry Hi-Way on April 8th, 2015.  The Government dinner will be on February 12, 2015 at the Maennerchor Club and Ed Mann will be the speaker and the topic is Recruitment & Retention and the planning luncheon will be on the 21st at noon at the Maennerchor club. 

Fire Training grounds:  The second hydrant is in, and the stairs on the landing to the tower have been cut out.  Perry Hi-Way just purchased two 6,000 gallon tank to go underground for drafting and make it a pump test site.  Talked to Tim Dunkle everything has been sent to Pema for the Structural Collapse Training Simulator.  The first round of Grant will be $50,000 it will do the structural Collapse part then confined space and then Trench last

Good of the order:  BVFD has 3 new antennae’s one for RACES, one for radio reference scanner and base radio.  They still have their CB antennae.                                                    

A motion to adjourn, motion accepted by the body and passed.

Next Meeting:  November 13th at Springfield Fire Dept.

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