Meeting minutes-May 8, 2015- Fire Fighters Museum

Attendance- 7 companies + 5 Associate agencies

There was a problem with my mic at the meeting so only a small portion of the meeting was able to be taped.  I apologize for the inconvenience to everyone.

Treasurer’s report- See attached- There was a motion to pay the bills, motion was passed bills were paid

OBITS: Jim Kellogg-           Kuhl Hose           3/16/15

             Sandy Sandell-      Wesleyville         3/29/15

             Jack Brigham-       Stanford/Corry   4/1/15

             Frank Whiteneck- Union City           4/6/15

             Jack Downey-        Stanford/Corry   4/11/15

             Rich Chorney-        Fairview              4/30/15

             Ron Palmer-           Wesleyville         5/2/15

Fire Safety House:  Has a flat tire and needs to be fixed

LEPC— they did planning for a compliance Seminar

Radio Communications: The Radio Advisory Communication Board was established and there will be a meeting on 5/19/15. At that time they will establish an Executive Board and their meetings will be decided at a later date.

Legislative: Auditor General increased the foreign Fire Ins. FF1, FF2, EVOC, Hazmat Awareness and EMT is covered at 100%.  Pennsylvania hosted a 5 State Meeting which included Pa, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland which was held in Lancaster.  State Association had a grant they put on some classes on recruitment and retention.  They do have a new website see attached.  Dave Duberow has application for college scholarship program they need to be in soon.  Community hero’s day at Beaver Stadium on September 12th.  See attached flyer

New Business: McKean just had a pumps class and there were 28 people who attended.  They have other classes scheduled and will send it out. 


EMA/ECDOPS: - There will be a Public Safety Crude Oil Summit on Thursday from 6-9p at Perry Hi-Way.  Pictometry was contracted by a Company and it is done and will be available in about 3-4 months.

CERT Team: Basic Class on 5/15-16-17/15.  We had the Great Lakes Preparedness Expo this past weekend.

Old Business:

Public Safety Banquet (Old Timers Dinner) – The dinners were passed out slowly and tables were skipped for desserts.  Dave Duberow will be talking to John Spaulding from Perry Hi-Way to check on their status for next year’s dinner. 

The essentials class that West Lake just ran which included West Lake, West Ridge, Lake Shore, Belle Valley, Lake City and Kearsage.  It is completed and if you run and essentials class there is a $2000 allotment to that department, and one is allowed per quadrant.  Randy has the list on the share point for more classes. 

Fire Training grounds:

Good of the order:

Motion to adjourn, next meeting will be on June 12th at Perry Hi-way


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