Meeting minutes-March 13, 2015- Elgin Beaver-Dam

Attendance- 9 companies + 5 Associate agencies


A motion was made by John B. and Mike Z. to accept the minutes, motion accepted.

Treasurer’s report:

See attached copy of the bills- There was a motion by Jim Petrone from Belle Valley Fire Dept. and Jim Carstater from Fairview Fire Dept. to pay the bills and financial report, motion was accepted and bills were paid. Remember to send in your Dues.  The Departments that have paid are Belle Valley Fire Dept., Elgin Beaver Dam fire Dept., Fairview Fire & Rescue Dept., City of Erie, Springfield Vol. Fireman’s Relief Assoc., and Lawrence Park Vol. Fire Dept. Monica will be sending out a reminder letter to the Companies that have not paid their dues. Don’t forget to have a delegate from your Dept. attend the monthly meetings. 

Every year the County gives us funds from their share of the casino Grant.  This year they have offered us $18,000 in addition to the $65,000 they sent for the reserve fund for the radio system.  The way Jim has it divided up is he gives them the subject and item one is $2,000 for the Kids Safety House and the tow truck, allocated $2,000 per class and we have two classes per year for Basic Fire Fighters l, $4,000 for advanced level Fire & Rescue that is the one divided per quadrant, $2,000 for the Fire Fighters Historical Museum, $4,000 for the Radio System support, $2,000 for the Fire Fighters Associations. There was a letter requesting additional funding for promo sponsors.  There was a motion made by Jim Petrone from Belle Valley Fire Dept. and 2nd by Mike Zentis from McKean Fire Dept. to increase from $1,000 (with the condition that they wave the $10) to $2,000, motion was accepted by the body. 


Jim Donnell from Stancliff Hose 1/19/15

Maynard Struchen from Platea Fire Dept. 1/25/15

David Yost from Greenfield Fire Dept. 1/29/15

Frank Kreider from Dobler/Girard Fire Dept.

Robert Vaow from Elgin Beaver Dam Fire Dept. 2/11/15

Mike Slupski from Wesleyville Fire Dept. 2/22/15

Lloyd Free from Edinboro Fire Dept. 2/24/15

Fire Safety House:


They met in February and won’t meet again until April.

Radio Communications:

Sparky went to Waterford Township and Verizon was putting a Tower up and offer to give 911 free space on the Tower on Sharp Rd.


New Business:

City of Erie has opened up their applications to be a Fire Fighter.  Applications may be picked up May 4-8 2015 between 9 am to 4 pm at the Human Resources Office Rm 300 at Erie City Hall, 626 State Street, Erie Pa 16501.  See attached form. 

Put in grant for radio system

Training ground information, not able to roll the tanker over but as soon as ground dries up they will.

The airport has acquired a full size school bus will be coming to the grounds and they will fabricate some wings so that will be an aircraft simulator not sure if they will burn it or what. 

The road that is going around they feel there will be enough rock and shale coming from out of a construction site on upper Peach Street. 

The companies that want to use the grounds give Kip a call or email or John at it is on their event calendar at


Radiological Nuclear Course all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 3/27-28-29/2015. 

Lights and Siren weekend will be held on 4/11-12/2015 and the Bayfront Convention Ctr.

ICS 300 will be held on 5/1-2-3/2015 and is all day on Friday, Saturday & Sunday

They were talking at the Task Force level about trying to funding a Technical Rescue Site and Perry Hi-Way site and Crawford Venango Fire School.  The last 2 Task Force Meeting ago Crawford Venango Fire School backed out so now they will get with Kip to go over the site and everyone to get on the same page. 

They still have a garage full of booms and pads, they want to do a press conference to get some publicity out there but every department will get some.


Meeting on Wednesday and possibly to dissolve it. 

CERT Team:

Basic CERT Training being offered Fri., Sat., & Sunday March 20th-21st & 22nd

Old Business:

We got good comments back about the Dinner and Mr. Konkel was very impressed.  Some people would like to see every Fire Dept. get 10 minutes worth of video from training or fire and then put it on a loop so it will play during the dinner. 

Public Safety Banquet (Old Timers Dinner) will be held on 4/17/15 at St. John’s Social Hall in Girard. See attached flyer.

Belle Valley has been working on a Trip to 911 Memorial to New York and the dates are 6/5-6-7-and 8/2015 which is Friday thru Monday.  It is a four day 3 night trip and the price has been lowered to $525 complete, travel expenses, hotel and 3 breakfast and dinners.  See attached flyer. To reserve your space you have until 4-15-15.  It takes $100 to reserve a slot.  Minimum of 30 ppl per bus and if we have over 30 ppl we will get a second bus.  All of the money is being handled by Cappabianca.

Perry Hi-way found a caterer for the 2016 Public Safety Dinner and it will be approximately $12 a plate consisting of Chicken, Swiss steak, Potato, Vegetable, Salad and Pie for dessert.  They will need to know how much beer and pop to get.  He has the 2nd and 3rd Friday’s on hold which will be after Easter.

Fire Training grounds:

Good of the order:

Perry Hi-Way Hose Co. 6th Annual Funny Fundraiser at 8281 Oliver Road Erie Pa. Will be on May 2nd and Donation: $15 includes light snacks and Beer, BYOB.  Doors open at 6:30p & ShowTime is 8:00p tickets on sale from member or call 814-864-0680

September was left to fill for monthly meetings and McKean will host it.

Motion to adjourn by Harold Perkins from Lawrence Park and John Brown from Harborcreek1`x Fire Dept., next meeting will be on April 17th at St. John’s Social Hall for the Public Safety Awards Dinner.

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