Meeting minutes-June 12, 2015 @ Perry Hi-Way

Attendance- 8 companies + 4 Associate agencies-

Minutes: Motion to accept the minutes by Jim Petrone and second by Mike Zentis and approved by the body.

Treasurer’s report:

See attached- There was a motion to accept the report and a motion to pay the bills, both motions were passed and the bills were paid.  There was a motion to pay the Bond Insurance by John Brown and 2nd by Mike Zentis and approved by the body.  When the Grant of $9,000 from the County was deposited it was put into the checking account instead of Savings.  It is okay as you would have to transfer to pay the bills anyway.  Only check written was to the Fire Fighters Museum for $2,000.


Wendy Smith                  Kearsarge Fire Dept.                    5/18/15

Richard Wisinski             McKean Hose Company             5/21/15

Harold Mack                   Stancliff Hose Company              5/22/15

Cliff Miller                       Union City Fire Dept.                   5/27/15

Pam Miller                      West Lake Fire Dept.                    6/8/15

The fire departments need to attend a monthly meeting within 3 months of the death of a member to pick up the $50.00 memorial.

Fire Safety House:

The truck is at Harborcreek right now, the safety house is good and can be scheduled through Belle Valley Fire Dept. Secretary.


There is a meeting 7/10/15

Mill Village hasn’t received any Tier 2 reports for the last 2 years


Radio Communications:

There were good questions on the floor and was very informative meeting.  How is it going to affect Concord County?  The system will work for Spartanburg.


The 911 bill passed the House and went to the Senate and has been amended 3 times in the Senate and they didn’t do anything yesterday.  There is a sliding scale from $1.00 to a $1.50 depending on what class of County that you are in.  If passed that way it is a different version then in the house so they have to send it back to the House for a concurrent vote not sure if they will vote on it because it is putting money back into individual municipalities again or they have to agree to a conference committee to iron out the two versions of the bill but then they both have to vote to approve the conference report.  Which way it will go we are running out of time but nothing has been introduce to extend it another year.  Donny Konkel is not optimistic about it.

The legislature bill has passed to exempt Emergency Services from having to pay for background checks and Wolf waived it. 

Does not look like the budget will be done on time.

There is a bill to make PEMA a Department and the head of PEMA a cabinet member who would have to be confirmed. 

New Business:

Pumps 1 is scheduled at Elgin on 7/18-19/2015

Railcar class 1 night lecture no date yet at Elgin

Fire ground strategy class it is actually 3 classes a 4hr., 4 hr., and 8 hr. class.  It is about not venting and venting to fast. September 26-27/1915. 

Erie Insurance has a house built inside a building and they torched the kitchen for the underwriters to work it.  Would be nice to schedule a monthly meeting to see what they have built there.

We want to get photos for the Legislative Dinner for next year. 




Classes:  Basic Disaster Life Support is on Saturday 10/17/15 at EUP from 07:30-5pm and you can contact Karrah Kightlinger at

WMD Radiological/Nuclear Awareness class on Saturday November 7th from 07:30-3:30pm TREC contact Karrah.

G270 Recovery from Disaster has been cancelled for June 24/25th

Type B Cask-FOUO

Route 97 about ¼ mile west of the Rt. 8 intersection, Bridge Replacement-closed on June 8th, expected to re-open end of June.

Interstate 90 Exit 16 (Fairview/Franklin Center/Rt. 98) scheduled to close Saturday June 13th at about 10p and reopen Monday June 15th by 6 am.

There is a program out there for 1st responders that have a problem with drug and/or alcohol.  Frat-The First Responders Addiction Treatment Program.  See Attached Flyer

Next Saturday 6/27/15 CXS is doing a 4 hr. class (8:00 am- noon) in North East at the Lakeshore Railroad museum.  It is called Operation Life Saver and is $5.00 a person there is room for 25 and right now they have 10 ppl.

On Tuesday 6/30/15 Destination Erie will hold a Dinner meeting in Corry at 18:30 which Jim Petrone will speak at and it is for Municipal, township and borough official’s.

CERT Team:

Certificates were passed out to the CERT members that went to Albion Prison to help out.

Old Business:

Dave Duberow has met with Perry Hi-way a few times.  We have talked about everything concerning the Old Timers Dinner for next year, the caterer is Stephany’s catering. They are going to give us a quote which looks like pretty much the same as St. John’s Social Hall in Girard between $8.50-9.50 a plate.  They are going to give us a quote for fish, stuffed chicken breast, and Swiss steak.  We are also going to have salad and dessert which will come from Fuhrman’s.  It sounds like it might be a doable thing and it will be served.  Motion to pay interim bills


Fire Training grounds:

Need help to finish the loading dock, no water right now shut off for the new hydrant to go in?

Good of the order:

McKean has hazmat ops refresher and Electrical Emergencies on Sunday also 8/15/15 is McKean Community Days.  Legal Concepts class later in the year. 

Motion to adjourn:

There was a motion to adjourn and was passed. 

Next meeting will be 8/14/15 at Fairview Fire Dept.




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