Public Safety Advisory Committee
General Committee, February 8th, 2017
Meeting Minutes

The Public Safety Advisory Committee’s General Committee met on February 8th, 2017, at the Erie County Department of Public Safety (ECDOPS) building at 2880 Flower Road. The meeting was called to order at 2:02 PM by the Advisory Committee’s Chair, James Rosenbaum.

Member’s in Attendance: James Rosenbaum, Rich Stebell, Scott Heidt, Jamie Neumaier, John Durlin, John Kelly, Dale Robinson, Cathy Hornick, Matt Exley, Brian Mesaros, Bill Hagerty, Joe Walko, Guy Santone, Kathy Fatica, Charlie Heffner, Donald Dacus, Richard Shopene, Kathy Dahlkemper, Angela Vincent and Keerinique Valencic.

Opening Comments: Election of executive board members:

  • Chairman – James Rosenbaum
  • Vice Chairman – Rich Stebell
  • Secretary – Jim Carstater

Approval of Minutes: Minutes from the Executive Committee meeting held 01/11/17 were approved with no corrections.

Public Safety and Subcommittee Reports:

Director of Public Safety – John Grappy

  • 2017 Goals and Objectives for The Department of Public Safety
    • Next Generation Radio System
      • Update was sent about a week and a half ago.
      • Plan on moving forward with a public meeting in the very near future.
      • Replacing our current dispatch system Catalyst with Zetron. We are in the final acceptance testing and plan to cut over to the new system early next week. There will be four benefits to this:
        • Reliability
        • Improved audio quality
        • Telecommunication staff will be proficient before P25 implementation
        • We saved $210,000 by replacing this system
    • Finalizing Land Property Agreements for the 8 additional tower sites we are constructing.
    • Still on schedule to transition users to the new system in March 2018.
  • Northern Tier Consortium – Regional Shared Services
    • Voice logging recorder
    • Researching new venders for the Computer Aided Dispatch system (which includes law record management system, field based reporting and mobile)
  • Public Safety Survey to determine needs and expectations of community partners.
  • Recruitment and retention mainly with volunteer services.
    • Create a sub-committee to come up with a plan to address this on a local level.
    • Chairman Rosenbaum opened discussion on how do we create strategies to get the community to work with the police departments?  Neighborhood Watch group would love to tackle this but needs help. Chief Dacus informed us of a Community Forum on February 20th from 6:00PM-8:00PM at Pfeiffer Burleigh to have an open and honest conversation about this subject. Command staff is going to meet with each Neighborhood Watch Group in the near future. Gannon did a crime map for each community watch area in the city. Will work to strengthen the Neighborhood Watch Group.

Communications Committee – Charlie Heffner

  • Charlie Heffner and Ron Hawryliw will be co-chairs of the communications subcommittee.
  • Four primary goals
    • Defining operational policy and procedures
    • Defining operational talk groups
    • New tone and paging siren plan
    • Push to talk identifiers
    • Looking to have a member from each subcommittee join the communications committee to define policies for the Next Generation Radio Project.

Emergency Management Committee – Matt Exley

  • Started to receive around 25 calls from a resident at West Lake Woods (medical calls that should have gone to 9-1-1). After review, we found that each room had a placard listing a 7-digit number for police, fire, EMA and EMS, rather than instructing residents to dial 9-1-1 an emergency.  In the new DHS requirements, it now requires numbers for the nearest hospital, police department, fire department, ambulance, poison control, local emergency management and assisted living residents hotline shall be posted in each room.  Matt Exley is investigating…

Emergency Medical Services Committee – Bill Hagerty

  • Going to review the MCI Plan at EMS Subcommittee meeting on 03/02/17. Will have final draft to present to the PSAC at the next meeting. 

Fire Services Committee – Chief Guy Santone

  • No report.

Law Enforcement Committee – Chief Donald Dacus

  • Chief Dacus volunteered, and was appointed as chairman of the Law Enforcement Committee.

Public Education – Cathy Hornick

  • Reached out to the schools regarding classes on when to call 9-1-1. They informed us that they already have a program for that called Safety Town.
    • Will look into possibly having someone from 9-1-1 to take the simulator to the schools for demonstrations.
    • There was a discussion on possibly educating seniors (public outreach) on why 9-1-1 call takers ask so many questions during the 9-1-1 call interrogation process.  In addition, distributing 9-1-1 coloring books (educational material) to children in Kindergarten and Pre-K.

Old Business: None.

New Business: None.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 2:58 PM. 

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