Public Safety Advisory Committee
Executive Committee, February 7, 2018
Meeting Minutes

The Public Safety’s Advisory Committee’s Executive Committee met on February 7, 2018 at the Erie County Department of Public Safety (ECDOPS) building at 2880 Flower Road. The meeting was called to order at 1:00 PM by the Advisory Committee’s Chair, James Rosenbaum.

Member’s in Attendance: Dale Robinson, Jim Rosenbaum, John Grappy, Jim Carstater, Charlie Heffner, Charles Ramsey, John Durlin, John Kelly, Cathy Hornick and Keerinique Valencic.

Approval of Minutes: Minutes from the General Committee meeting held on 01/03/18 were approved with one correction.  Under the Communications Committee; “most” of the mobile radios was changed to “some” of the mobile radios.

Guest Tom Wager gave a presentation on the Active Shooter training.

Public Safety and Subcommittee Reports:

Director’s Report – John Grappy

  • Four members have been reappointed to the committee by the County Executive; Jim Carstater, Richard Warner, Don Dacus and Angela Vincent for an additional 3 year term.
  • Act 12 Regional Projects are moving forward.
    • Regional CAD System
    • Working with the City of Erie to finalize a proposal for the Records Management System
    • 9-1-1 Telephony upgrade is in progress including the upgrade for Text to 9-1-1
    • Consolidation of Dispatch Services
      • East Erie County Board of Directors did provide official notice to cease dispatch operations as of the end of this year. Erie County would assume responsibilities as of 01/01/19.
      • I have a meeting with the County Executive and County Solicitor tomorrow morning to review the intergovernmental agreements.  Once reviewed those will be sent out to the five municipalities.
      • Next Generation Public Safety Radio System
        • Mobile installations are underway by Mobilcom.  Millcreek departments are complete and they are now working with Emergycare and county departments.
        • Springfield Township lease agreement was approved on Monday night.
        • Elk Creek property owned by the PA Fish and Boat Commission is now under 3-4 foot ice jam. Unfortunately it is not usable, so we are now looking into a new site located at the Lake Erie Community Park in Girard Township.
        • Members of Erie County Public Safety as well as MCM Consulting will be flying to Texas for the factory acceptance testing on 02/19/18 through 02/23/18. If the test is successful, they will ship the system infrastructure to Erie County in March 2018.
        • Currently working with our microwave vendor to finalize the engineering studies.
        • First Net
          • AT&T was awarded the contract and all 50 states opted in.
          • We were working with Verizon regarding replacing our 800 MHz system with 3G/4G.
            • AT&T made a presentation regarding First Net last week.  They have offered us two modems to drive the County and test coverage. If it is comparable to Verizon, we will have AT&T make a public presentation.
            • Recruitment and Retention
              • One of our 2018 Goals is to establish a recruitment and retention subcommittee; made up of Erie County officials and emergency providers.
              • Establish a forum between Erie County officials and Emergency Service providers to address the decline in membership within the volunteer fire service, affecting the timely response to emergencies throughout Erie County.
              • There was a long discussion about why we now have this issue and also possible solutions.

EMA Report – Dale Robinson

  • Hazard Mitigation Plan has been approved pending adoption by the municipality.
  • Brian is working with Fairview and Millcreek for the next Rail Tabletop Exercise.
  • On 2/15, the Erie COG will be hosting a G-402 Course here for elected officials.
  • The new EOP is complete; the next step will be adoption by County Council.

Communications Committee – Charlie Heffner

  • Mobile radios are being installed slowly by Mobilcom.
  • Departments are looking for additional equipment:
    • James Rosenbaum stated that it was very clearly stated at the Public Meetings what equipment would be provided.  We have to be very careful about what accessories we put on the radios. The warranty will be voided if other products are used.
      • Reminder that accessories can be sent to EF Johnson to see if they can be certified.  Contact Mobilcom, if you have any inquiries.
      • Director Grappy advised that Mobilcom will be doubling their staff to help with installation of the mobile radios.



Law and Legislative Committee – Jim Carstater

  • There were two hearings (1/22 & 1/29) on Title 35 (SB 1019) and according to PEMA Director Flinn, it will be amended moving forward.
  • SR 6 State Fire Commission had a June 30th deadline; however, a resolution was put forth to extend the deadline to November 30th.  There should be a vote on the resolution in March.
  • There were a number of things in the SR60 that were not completed. Those items will be reviewed by the subcommittees. The chairpersons will then submit their recommendations and meet as a whole group.
  • There are many vacancies in the State Fire Academy and Fire Commissioner’s Office. There will be a conference call sometime this month to look at how the office should be staffed and what responsibilities they should have. There is a possibility that the office would be under PEMA.

Public Education Committee – Cathy Hornick

  • National Night Out will be held on August 1st.
  • Fall Fest will be held on October 20th.
  • Emails went out to the schools.

Old Business: None.

New Business: None.

Good of the Order: Discussion on established subcommittees; following through on task assignments or projects to be completed by set timeline(s).  Chairman Rosenbaum and Director Grappy will meet with subcommittee chairpersons.

Adjourned: Meeting was adjourned at 3:30 PM.

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