Public Safety Advisory Committee

ECDOPS Public Safety Center

2880 Flower Road

June 3, 2015



The Public Safety Advisory Committee (“Advisory Committee”), June 3rd, 2015, meeting was held in the Public Safety Building’s Emergency Operations Center.  The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm. by John Grappy.


In Attendance: John R. Grappy, Randy Bowers, Mike Tesore, Richard Stebell, Bill Hagerty, Karen Molitor, Sparky Warner, Brian Mesaros, Cathy Hornick, Bill Heald, Jim Carstater, Tony Pol, Jeffrey Hawryliw, Kale Asp, Nicole Fuller and Sue Sutto, Jim Rosenbaum


The Advisory Committee members voted by secret ballot for the Advisory Committee’s Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary positions.   Jim Rosenbaum was elected the Advisory Committee’s Chairman and went on to preside over the rest of the meeting.  The Advisory Committee members went on to elect Richard Stebell as the Advisory Committee’s Vice-Chairperson and Karen Molitor as the Advisory Committee’s Secretary.  There was a motion made by Jim Rosenbaum to destroy the voting ballots.  This motion was seconded by Tony Pol.  All in favor, Motion passed. 


Tentative monthly meeting dates were set for the Executive Committee members meetings, as well as the quarterly meetings of the entire Advisory Committee membership.  The schedule of meetings will be e-mailed to all members by the Secretary and made available to the general public in accordance with the Advisory Committee’s By-laws.  John Grappy said once the Public Safety Departments new website is up they will post the Committee’s Minutes on the site.


With respect to a Public Comment period and future meetings, a motion was made by Jeff Hawryliw and seconded by Bill Hagerty to limit public comment to 3 minutes for those members of the public who attend a meeting and ask to speak but have not signed-up to speak prior to an Advisory Committee meeting and to limit the time to 5 minutes for those individuals who contacted the Advisory Committee or the Department of Public Safety (Nicole) requesting to speak ahead of an Advisory Committee meeting. All in favor, Motion passed.


John Grappy spoke to the County Executive, County Council, and Department of Public Safety’s intentions in the creation of the Advisory Committee as a whole and of the work of Sub-committees explaining that the purpose is to organize Sub-committees for the accomplishment of a specific task and/or purpose to be accomplished within a specified timeframe, for example a Emergency Management subcommittee may be tasked to define a public warning system plan.


In conjunction with input from the Director of Public Safety, John Grappy, Committee Chairman Rosenbaum, and Committee members, the Advisory Committee members discussed and then proposed the following seven (7) Subcommittees.  A motion to establish the following Advisory Committee Sub-Committees, was made by Karen Molitor and seconded by Bill Heald.  All in favor, Motion passed.  The Advisory Committee Chairman asked members to indicate their interest in chairing each Sub-committee, and the respective Subcommittee Chairpersons named below were appointed.



  1. Law and Legislation Committee -  Jim Carstarter, Chair
  2. Law Enforcement & Records Committee - Mike Tesore, Chair
  3. Fire Services Committee - Chief Tony Pol, Chair
  4. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Committee  - William Hagerty, Chair
  5. Emergency Management Services (EMS) Committee - Bill Heald, Chair
  6. Public Education Committee - Cathy Hornick and Sue Sutto, Co-Chairs
  7. Communications Committee - Jeff Hawryliw, Chair



It was clarified that while the Sub-Committee Chairperson must be an Advisory Committee member, however, members appointed to serve on the respective Sub-Committees need not be.  Sub-Committee members may be comprised of anyone involved in the public safety community or has experience or knowledge pertaining to a Sub-Committee’s task or purpose. Chairman Rosenbaum asked that the Sub-Committee chairs let him know their tentative meeting schedules and to e-mail their respective sub-committee members before July 29th if possible.


John Grappy mentioned the Dept. of Public Safety’s has established 2015 Goals/Action Items which describes the Department’s goals by division and that he will have Nicole send a copy to the Advisory Committee members.


 The meeting was adjourned at 2:22 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted By


Karen Molitor, Secretary

Public Safety Advisory Committee 

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