Public Safety Advisory Committee’s

General Committee, February 23, 2016

Meeting Minutes



The Public Safety Advisory Committee’s Executive Committee met on February 23, 2015, in the Erie County Department of Public Safety (ECDOPS) building at 2880 Flower Road.  The meeting was called to order at 2:00 pm by the Advisory Committee’s Chair Jim Rosenbaum.


Members In Attendance: John R.Grappy, Sparky Warner, Cathy Hornick, Angela Vincent, Randy Bowers, Bill Hagerty, Jim Carstater, Tony Pol, Joe Walko, Kale Asp, Jeff Hawryliw, Abdul Osman, Richard Stebell, James Rosenbaum


Opening Comments


Agenda – Review of Subcommittees


Approval of Minutes: Minutes from the General Committee meeting were approved with no corrections.  The minutes were approved. 


Director of Public Safety and Subcommittee Reports:


Director of Public Safety – John R. Grappy

  • Examine Section 13.2 of the Public Safety Advisory Committee By-Laws (The Subcommittee Chairpersons of all committees shall be members of the Public Safety Advisory Committee) – Proposing that Section 13.2 be removed in its entirety, instead of revising the language and change it to the Subcommittees that we have established already as the by-laws have been written, have to be members of the 15 member committee.  In some instances, those that serve as representatives of the 15 member committee, although others can serve on the committees, the chair-person must be one of those 15 members and by eliminating or removing subsection 13.2, it would keep the 15 member Advisory Committee intact.  However the Sub-Committee Chair-person could be anyone from Public Safety or Community Organization that would be a good fit to serve on a sub-committee that may be appointed chair-person of that committee. 


This topic was reviewed and discussed on various sub-committees and refocus of specific groups. 


  • Reviewed the 2016 Goals & Action Plan


Public Safety, Emergency Management- Dale Robinson

  • No Report


Law and Legislative Affairs Committee -   Jim Carstater, Committee Chair.

  • Please see attached report
  • Fireworks bill has been help and has not moved since. 
  • Public Safety Government Dinner – Friday, February 12, 2016, good response.
  • HB 1860 – Introduced on February 17th, continuing education program for CPA’s assisting VFD’s to provide financial expertise. 
  • Karen Molitor was on the committee – with her not on committee anymore, Jim is requesting the new secretary be appointed to this committee. 


Law Enforcement and Records Committee – Chief Randy Bowers

  • Discussed during Directors Report


Fire Services Committee – Chief Tony Pol, Committee Chair

  • Not much new at this point, in the process of having another meeting.


Emergency Medical Services Committee – Bill Hagerty, Committee Chair

  • After last meeting, County wide EMS plan was submitted to the Bureau of EMS for formal review, plan was approved.  The next steps will include, getting a copy of the final approved plan to take to each agency for sign-off.  Then another committee will work on Quality Assurance and other items.


Emergency Management Services Committee – Bill Heald, Committee Chair

  • No Report


Public Education Committee – Cathy Hornick and Sue Sutto, Committee Co-Chairs

  • Educations Public On when it is appropriate on when to call 911 and would like to work with Kale on this.


Communications Committee – Jeff Hawryliw, Committee Chair

  • This was discussed earlier in the meeting.  Jeff will work with Charlie to get the committee off the ground.  Committee consists of Jeff, George Thomas (Emergycare), a member of Millcreek Police, Charlie Heffner (Co-Chair), Lee Williams (Amateur Radio Operator) and Mike Cabelka.  RFP will be sent to Jeff.


Old Business:  None


New Business: During the last ECATO meeting, it was brought up that the members ECATO were not informed that the EMS Plan was going to the state to be approved.  This was discussed in great detail.


Good of the Order: Three positions that are up for re-election: Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary. 


Secretary – Position was vacated by default when the rebid of ECAB was lost.  The County Executive will send a letter to the President of ECAB to nominate a new representative to sit on the Public Safety Advisory Committee.  There were no nominations for the Secretarial position; this will be discussed at the next meeting.

Chair – Jim Rosenbaum was nominated.  All in favor.

Vice-Chair – Rich Stebell was nominated.  All in favor.


John Grappy – The Erie County Department of Health is offering free Tdap vaccines to first responders that live and/or work in Erie County.  The vaccines will be given on March 31, 2016 from 1200 – 1400 at the Perry Hi-way Hose Company on Oliver Rd.  Registration deadline is March 7, 2016.


Adjournment: Motion to adjourn made. All in favor, meeting adjourned at 3:46 p.m.


**Next Executive Committee Meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 1:00 PM at ECDOPS. **

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