Public Safety Advisory Committee
Executive Committee, March 14th, 2018
Meeting Minutes

 The Public Safety’s Advisory Committee’s Executive Committee met on March 14, 2018 at the Erie County Department of Public Safety (ECDOPS) building at 2880 Flower Road. The meeting was called to order at 12:55 PM by the Advisory Committee’s Chair, James Rosenbaum.

Member’s in Attendance: Jim Rosenbaum, Joe Walko, Guy Santone, Chuck Kanarr, Bill Hagerty, Charles Ramsey, Jim Carstater, Kathy Fatica, Dale Robinson, Charlie Heffner, John Durlin, Scott Heidt and Keerinique Valencic.

Approval of Minutes: Minutes from the Executive Committee meeting held on 02/07/18 were approved with no corrections.

Public Safety and Subcommittee Reports:

Director’s Report –John Durlin

  • Regional CAD system project kick off meeting is in Elk County today. We will have a better status and timeline of this project after this meeting.
  • Still in the process of finalizing a quote for the Law Record Management System.
  • Pulse Point implementation will follow shortly after regional CAD is in place.
  • All of the hardware related to the telephony system will be upgraded at the end of summer.
  • Consolidation of dispatch services for East County.
    • Intergovernmental agreements have been sent out to the five agencies.
    • North East Borough is the only municipality that has approved this agreement at this time.
    • Once agreements are signed and returned, we will sit down with that agency to define emergency service zones and response recommendations.
    • A 9-1-1 staffing study will be conducted to determine staffing requirements for the East County consolidation.  Mission Critical Partners was the lowest qualified bidder.

EMA Report and Director’s Report – Dale Robinson

  • Next LEPC meeting will be Friday, April 13th at 8:00AM.
  • Hazard Mitigation Plan is now official. Greenfield Township was the first to adopt the plan.
  • EOP is in its final review and will be sent to County Council.
  • We are going to continue exercising the Rail Safety Plan across the train corridor.
  • The County Executive along with Public Safety will be announcing an official statement about the sub-committee to look at recruitment and retention of emergency personnel.
  • Recommendations for appointments to the PSAC Committee have been made for our current vacancies.
  • Next Generation Radio System
    • Still continuing to distribute the portables and mobiles for the early deployment.
    • Alternative location for the Elk Creek Access tower site is Lake Erie Community Park.
    • RFP was released for tower construction and electrical contractor. There was a mandatory pre-bid walk through on 02/27/18. The bid opening will be on 03/16/18.
    • Discussion about timeline for radio project. We feel that we are still on schedule for implementation by the end of 2018.
    • Successful completion of the factory acceptance test.
    • Researching and evaluating a commercial 4G broadband network.
      • Had a presentation from AT&T FirstNet.
      • Coverage testing will be conducted over the next 30 days.

Communications Committee – Charlie Heffner

  • Ron Hawryliw has stepped down as a member of the advisory committee.
  • Jack Diorazio has been appointed as a member of the communications subcommittee.
    • Subcommittee continues to meet to define operational policy & procedures.
    • Discussion regarding additional representation from law enforcement.
    • Discussion regarding tone plans.

Law and Legislative Committee – Jim Carstater

  • PFESI disseminated the article about Kuhl Hose.
  • Next SWAB meeting is on 03/24/18.
  • State had their budget meetings the week of 02/19/18.
  • The fireworks industry is suing the state over Act 43. 
  • Workers compensation issue seems to be resolved.
  • Discussion about senate bill 1019.

Law Enforcement Committee – Chief Scott Heidt

  • Nothing to report.

Fire Services Committee – Chief Guy Santone

  • Nothing to report.



Emergency Medical Services Committee – Bill Hagerty

  • One of the agencies that we had requested funds for the MCI Kits is meeting this afternoon.
    • I believe that it has not been brought up to the group, so I asked that they bring it up during their HAP meeting today.

Public Education – Jim Rosenbaum

  • Nothing to report.

Kathy Fatica

  • Discussion on RELCO Project.  First responders and emergency personnel being able to get to wherever they need quickly and safely.  Looking to improve transmitters and emitters for the traffic lights.  Need input from municipalities and agencies in order to possibly get funding down the road.

Old Business: None.

New Business: None.

Good of the Order: None.

Adjourned: Meeting adjourned at 2:04PM.



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