Public Safety Advisory Committee
Executive Committee, December 14, 2016
Meeting Minutes

The Public Safety Advisory Committee’s General Committee met on December 14th, 2016, at Erie County Department of Public Safety (ECDOPS) building at 2880 Flower Road. The meeting was called to order at 1:10 PM by the Advisory Committee’s Chair, James Rosenbaum.

Member’s in Attendance: Bill Hagerty, Michael Tesore, Dale Robinson, Brian Mesaros, Joe Walko, Kathy Fatica, John Kelly, James Rosenbaum, Matt Exley, Andrew Jarvi, and Keerinique Valencic.

Opening Comments: None.

Approval of Minutes: Minutes from the General Committee meeting on 11/09/16 were approved with no corrections.

Public Safety and Subcommittee Reports:

Emergency Management Coordinator – Dale Robinson: Public Safety Report

  • Pay plan for the telecommunication staff was not approved for our 2017 budget.
    • Kathy Fatica believes that it is not a dead issue; it will be addressed later this year.
    • Next Generation Radio Project; the initial order for equipment was placed.
      • There are two employees in Seattle this week for the Zetron Factory Acceptance Test. If approved they are looking to ship out equipment on 12/22/16.
        • Will start installation after the first of the year and hopefully have completed by the end of January. We believe that these consoles will improve reliability and audio quality.
        • Continuing the work on a County wide Microwave System that has two paths to it.

Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator – Brian Mesaros

  • Hazard Mitigation Plan
    • Had one meeting with the municipalities to introduce them to the contractor and get feedback. Currently the municipalities are working on some projects for the plan. Looking to have another meeting after the first of the year.
    • Also sent a disaster questionnaire out and got 258 responses back. Pushed out questionnaire again through social media outlets to get more responses.
    • Rail Safety Plan
      • Written portion of the plan is almost done. Met with the intern last week that drove the have mile rail corroder looking for critical infrastructure. Will get updated information to GIS for new maps.

Dale Robinson – Emergency Management Coordinator

  • Changing the EOC structure to a Multi-Agency Coordination Center to deal with more EOC’s and less on scene. The state seems very interested in this as we have already received one invite to discuss this at a quarterly training.
  • Trying to get a training schedule out for 2017. We will be having three to four ICS specific position courses, operations, staging area, resource unit leader and status check. These classes are around four to five days long.
  • Going to start offering more 2 hour sit down courses for G-402 (ICS for elected officials).
  • There was a conversation about the accident on I-90 last week. There were resource requests coming through the call center that should not have been. Command should be contacting the local municipal EOC and then if local EOC cannot met the request then the Local EOC needs to contact the county.
    • Chairman Rosenbaum suggested getting everyone together and talk about these large incidents. It might be more manageable to break out operational things to the EOC’s rather than through the 911 Call Center.  
    • Possibly have the Fire Services and Emergency Management Committee’s do a table top exercise.

Law Enforcement and Records Committee – Chief Mike Tesore

  • Discussion about possible interface between Caliber and Tyler Communication. There have been no updates on this since their last meeting in October. Waiting to hear from Caliber about a possible two way interface.
    • Chief Tesore suggests possibly having a couple Millcreek dispatch systems with Tyler Communication software. Maybe if the county is willing to do that, then Millcreek can contribute to offset the costs of training etc.
    • Will wait to discuss with Director Grappy.

Fire Services Committee – Chief Guy Santone

  • Nothing to report.

Emergency Medical Services Committee – Bill Hagerty

  • An intern is working on formatting the Master MCI Plan. Once it is drafted he will forward to entire committee, get a final draft together and then bring it back to the committee for review.

Emergency Management Committee – Matt Exley

  • Started to put a list together for people that would be interested in joining the committee.
  • Completely re-doing training standards for emergency management in Pennsylvania. They are looking at making certificates into an accredited certification instead.
  • Planning on meeting after the first of the year to see what direction the committee would like to go.
  • PEMA has compiled all of the suggestions for Title 35 and will send it out soon. Once received it will be sent out to see what everyone has to say about current legislation.

Old Business: Five members whose terms are expiring; have suggestions been sent to County Executive yet? Dale Robinson believes that the information has been forwarded to the County Executive however, is not aware of any names. Chairman Rosenbaum will speak with Director Grappy about these individuals.

New Business: None.

Good of the Order: None.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 1:58PM.

**Next  “Executive Committee” meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 at 1:00 PM at the Erie County Department of Public Safety, 2880 Flower Road, Erie, PA 16509.**


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