1. NAME


1.1.             An established body within the agency to be known as the Public Safety Advisory Committee for the Department of Public Safety, Erie County, Pennsylvania. 




2.1.            The Administrative Code, Article II, Section 5, I., A, adopted by Erie County Council on July 5, 1978, pursuant to the mandate of Article XI, Section 12, of the Home Rule Charter for the County of Erie, Pennsylvania.




3.1.         To create a process whereby appointed residents / officials of the County of Erie may support and advise the Department of Public Safety, the County Executive and County Council regarding programs, policies and procedures that impact public safety; to provide an educational opportunity for residents to understand public safety issues and concerns; and to provide a forum to discuss both immediate, short and long term solutions. 




4.1.         To provide a system of increased accountability and transparency, and to facilitate community input on matters that affect public safety.




5.1.          Assist in the development of short and long term goals and objectives;


5.2.         Provide recommendations on future initiatives, programs, systems and services;


5.3.         Review, monitor and evaluate the performance of specific programs and services;


5.4.         In conjunction with the Director, advocate for additional funding, if required to ensure adequate financial resources are available to support the initiatives, programs and services;


5.5.         Assure that quality services and facilities are provided to the citizens and visitors of Erie County within the constraints of the Public Safety Fund Budget as established by County Government;


5.6.         Evaluate the adequacy and quality of services, and report deficiencies to the Director of Public Safety for remediation;


5.7.         Advocate to the community, serving as liaison and provide feedback to the Department from the community;


5.8.        Enhancement of the Department’s public standing in the community;

5.9.         Promote educational programs and opportunities to the community;


5.10.     Enhance and promote coordination between emergency services providers and agencies that provide or may provide services;


5.11.      Represent the interests of emergency services providers and provide input in the development of policies and procedures for efficiency and effectiveness;

5.12.     Promote the consolidation of countywide communications to include emergency and non-emergency call taking and dispatch services for Law, Fire, EMS, and Emergency Management Functions;


5.13.     Promote collaboration between emergency services providers, local municipalities, and the Department of Public Safety for the betterment of emergency services and providing a timely, efficient response throughout Erie County based on sharing regional assets and resources;


5.14.     Promote the collaboration of municipal emergency management functions.


5.15.      All recommendations of the Public Safety Advisory Committee shall be subject to the approval of the Director of Public Safety, and ultimately, the County Executive.




 Psac Structure




7.1.          The Erie County Public Safety Advisory Committee shall be comprised of fifteen (15) members: three (3) at-large representatives to be recommended by County Council, with one (1) representative to be selected from the City of Corry; and twelve (12) representatives from public safety and community organizations from each of the following groups:


  • Erie County Police Chiefs Association                                                1 member
  • Erie County Fire Firefighters Association                             1 member
  • Erie County Emergency Medical Services                              1 member
  • Erie County Association of Township Officials                     1 member
  • Erie County Association of Boroughs                                     1 member
  • Erie County Local Emergency Management Coordinator  1 member
  • Erie County Local Emergency Planning Committee                       1 member
  • Erie County Neighborhood Watch Council                           1 member
  • Erie City Fire Department                                                        1 member
  • Erie City Police Department                                                     1 member
  • Millcreek Township Fire Department            (s)                               1 member
  • Millcreek Township Police Department                                 1 member


7.2.         The applicable public safety and community organizations shall ensure nominees are sufficiently proficient, having knowledge of telecommunications, technology or systems engineering, and emergency management and / or emergency preparedness backgrounds, and that such nominees provide a diverse representation from the central, eastern, western and southern regions of Erie County.


7.3.         Each member shall:


7.3.1.            Be a United States Citizen;

7.3.2.           Have resided for a minimum of three (3) years, and continue to reside during the term of his/her appointment, within the boundaries of the County of Erie;

7.3.3.           Be willing to make a commitment to serve up to three (3) years;

7.3.4.           Reflect the demographic and geographic diversity of the County of Erie;

7.3.5.            Not be an employee of Erie County Government.






8.1.         The members of the Public Safety Advisory Committee shall be appointed by the County Executive, and confirmed by County Council, based on referrals or recommendations.  The appointment process shall conform with Article II, Section 5, I., A, of the Administrative Code;


8.2.        A member’s term begins on the day of appointment, which shall be defined through a written notice by the County Executive to each individual;


8.3.        Appointments shall be for a three (3) year term.  Members may serve for no more than two consecutive terms.  Appointments that fill the remainder of an unexpired term of less than eighteen (18) months remaining shall not be counted towards the term limits;


8.4.        Initial terms for members appointed under section 8.1 through 8.5 shall be divided between one year, two year and three year terms;


8.5.        Terms shall be staggered so as to permit the appointment of 1/3 of the members each year following the initial appointment of all members after the effective date. Members appointed to an initial term of less than three years under this staggering system shall be deemed to have served one full term for purposes of term limits;


8.6.        Staff Membership.  Erie County Department of Public Safety managerial staff members shall be entitled to participate in a non-voting capacity on the committee.




9.1.         Vacancies shall be filled within sixty (60) days.  Recommendations from the Advisory Committee shall be forwarded to the County Executive;


9.2.        Membership shall be terminated by death, resignation in writing, lack of residency in Erie County, or a member’s change in affiliation with a public safety or community organization;


9.3.        The absence of any member, unless excused by the Chairperson or his/her designee, from three consecutive meetings, shall be considered equivalent to resignation;


9.4.        Any member shall be subject to expulsion from the committee for conduct deemed detrimental to the committee.  The Chairperson will make recommendations for their removal from the committee to the County Executive.




10.1.     The Advisory Committee shall elect a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary on an annual basis at their January meeting.  Officers are required to have served as an Advisory Committee member for at least one (1) year prior to election;


10.2.    Nominations shall be made from the membership and the election by secret ballot.  A simple majority of members present shall be required to elect an officer.  All officers shall take office in January, and shall hold office for a one (1) year term, expiring at the end of the calendar year;


10.3.    In the event an officer is unable to complete his/her term in office, the membership at large may, by simple majority vote, elect a replacement member to complete the term.




11.1.       The Chairperson shall:

11.1.1.          Be ex-officio of all committees;

11.1.2.         Preside over Advisory Committee meetings;

11.1.3.         Appoint members of standing and special committees;

11.1.4.         Upon good cause, remove a member of a subcommittee;

11.1.5.          Call special meetings of the Committee, as deemed necessary;

11.1.6.         Serve as liaison between the Committee and the Director of Public Safety.


11.2.      The Vice-Chairperson shall:

11.2.1.         Assume all the above duties and responsibilities, in the absence of the Chairperson.


11.3.      The Secretary shall:

11.3.1.         Keep an accurate account of all proceedings of the Advisory Committee;

11.3.2.        Review all minutes of all proceedings at all Advisory Committee meetings;

11.3.3.        Supply copies (paper or electronic) of the minutes to members at least seven days prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting.


11.3.4.        Meeting minutes shall be made available to the general public, and posted on the County and/or Department Website, at least seven days prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting.




12.1.1.         Executive Committee shall be composed of each of the Subcommittee Chairpersons, plus the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary of the Public Safety Advisory Committee;


12.1.2.        The Executive Committee shall meet on a monthly basis to discuss issues affecting Public Safety.  At least one of these meetings shall take place at a regularly scheduled, quarterly meeting of the entire committee.  This briefing will include, the issues reviewed, and recommended changes to the policy, processes and procedures, and suggested issues on future agendas;


12.1.3.        The Executive Committee shall have the authority to represent/act on behalf of the Public Safety Advisory Committee, by majority vote of the full Executive Committee membership;


12.1.4.        A simple majority shall constitute a quorum;


12.1.5.         Special meetings shall be called upon the request of the Chairperson, the Director of Public Safety, or any five members, as deemed necessary to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the Public Safety Advisory Committee.




13.1.      In conjunction with the Director of Public Safety, the Chairperson may create, appoint and organize subcommittees as he/she deems appropriate or necessary for the accomplishment of a specific written purpose, and to be accomplished within a specific timeframe.


13.2.     The Subcommittee Chairpersons of all committees shall be members of the Public Safety Advisory Committee;


13.3.     Members appointed to serve on the subcommittees need not be members of the Public Safety Advisory Committee, but would be comprised of representatives involved in the public safety community or having experience and knowledge of the specific purpose of the subcommittee.




14.1.      The Public Safety Advisory Committee shall meet on a quarterly basis, on dates to be determined by the Chairperson;


14.2.     Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson, as deemed necessary to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the Public Safety Advisory Committee;

14.3.     A majority of the Public Safety Advisory Committee shall constitute a quorum;


14.4.     The routine business of the Public Safety Advisory Committee shall be conducted by a simple majority vote of the members present;


14.5.     Guests may be invited to present information and guidance as needed to support the initiatives of the Public Safety Advisory Committee;

14.5.1.         Individuals may request the opportunity to address the Public Safety Advisory Committee by requesting their attendance in writing to the Chairperson or Director of Public Safety, a minimum of one (1) week in advance of any scheduled meeting.


14.6.     Notice of all meetings shall be published by announcement on an annual basis. The publication of the notice shall comply with the criteria set forth in the Sunshine Act, 65 P.S. § 273, “Public Notice;”


14.7.     Should confidentially be required for any discussion or issue, all attendees shall be bound by basic rules of confidentiality.  All members shall be required to sign the county / department confidentiality agreement;


14.8.    All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order;





14.9.     The basic agenda of the Public Safety Advisory Committee meeting shall be as follows:


14.9.1.        Call to Order

14.9.2.       Welcome / Opening Remarks

14.9.3.       Introductions / Guests

14.9.4.       Review of Agenda

14.9.5.        Approval of Minutes from the previous meeting

14.9.6.       Report of the Director of Public Safety

14.9.7.        Report of Committees

14.9.8.       Old Business

14.9.9.       New Business

14.9.10.   Good of the Order

14.9.11.     Adjournment


14.10.    The Department of Public Safety shall provide clerical support, when necessary to the Public Safety Advisory Committee, including the recording of minutes, mailing of notices, printing of agendas, etc.




15.1.         Members of the Public Safety Advisory Committee shall serve without compensation.




16.1.            These bylaws shall be adopted by majority vote of County Council.


16.2.           These Bylaws shall be in full force and effective immediately, upon their adoption.

16.3.           These Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the Public Safety Advisory Committee membership.


16.4.           Final approval of any amendments to these Bylaws shall be by majority vote of Erie County Council.


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