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Influenza/Flu Statistics

To see statistics on Annual Comparisons; Graphs by Age, Case Counts and Hospitalization click here to view the Influenza/Flu Statistics Page.

Flu Advice/Resources

What To Do If You Are Sick

For specific recommendations, read the Stay at Home Influenza Toolkit.

Flu Resources

The following reosurces provide much valuable information.


Stay at Home Toolkit for Influenza

Most persons with the flu will be able to remain at home while they are sick. They can care for themselves or be cared for by others who live in the household. This information is intended to help recognize the symptoms of influenza and care for ill persons in the home, both during a typical influenza season and during an influenza pandemic. At the outset of an influenza pandemic, a vaccine will not be available for several months. However, it’s still a good idea to get seasonal flu vaccine (a shot or nasal mist) to protect from seasonal flu viruses.

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