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PA Reportable Disease List

To view the list of Pennsylvania Reportable Diseases, go to:

For healthcare practitioners and healthcare facilities, all diseases are reportable within 5 work-days, unless otherwise noted.

#  Healthcare practitioners and healthcare facilities must report within 24 hours.

For clinical laboratories, all diseases are reportable by next work-day, unless otherwise noted.

$  Clinical laboratories must report within 5 days of obtaining the test result. 

*  In addition to reporting, clinical laboratories must also submit isolates to the state Laboratory within 5 work-days of isolation.

^  Hospitals, clinical laboratories, and healthcare facilities must report within 180 days.

BLUE  Not currently reportable via PA-NEDSS


Please note that certain broad categories such as #22 (Food Poisoning Outbreak) should be construed to mean all such illnesses, even if the etiology is either not otherwise listed here, or a specific etiology cannot be determined. Further, all disease outbreaks and/or unusual occurrences of disease are reportable within the Commonwealth. Finally, note that local jurisdictions may require reports of additional conditions not listed here within their jurisdictions.

Ehrlichiosis should be reported under the authority of “Rickettsial diseases”.  West Nile infections and Yellow Fever should be reported under Arborviruses.  Additionally, Cyclospora is locally reportable.

The National Electronic Diseases Surveillance System (NEDSS) is a web based reporting system available in Pennsylvania.  For information on connection to this system call the NEDSS help desk at  717-783-9171.  Printable report forms are available through this website and can be faxed to the Erie County Department of Health at 814-451-6767.

Where To Report Diseases

Report to:

Erie County Department of Health
606 West Second Street
Erie, PA 16507

Phone:  814-451-6711

Fax:  814-451-6767

Erie County Courthouse - 140 West Sixth Street, Erie, PA 16501 - (814) 451-6000 - TDD Phone: (814) 451-6237 - Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm
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