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For First Time Pregnant Women

If you are pregnant for the first time and would like to learn more about pregnancy and being a first-time parent you might be interested in the services of the Nurse Family Partnership. This is a National Program with 32 sites in Pennsylvania, one of them is located in Erie County through the Erie County Department of Health. What is the Nurse Family Partnership? The Nurse Family Partnership is a program for women who are having their first baby. If you enroll, a specially trained nurse will visit you in your home throughout pregnancy and will continue to visit until your baby is two years old. You and your nurse will decide when to schedule visits. You can join the program as early as you like, but you must join before the 28th week of pregnancy. How much does it cost? The program is absolutely FREE.

What does the nurse help me with?

  • Have a healthy pregnancy.
  • Become a better parent.
  • Build a network of support for me and my baby.
  • Make my home a safe place for my baby to live and play.
  • Proper feeding and nutrition for my baby.
  • Health guidance for my baby.
  • Get referrals for healthcare, childcare, job training and other support services available in my community.
  • Find ways to continue my education and develop job skills

Who can enroll in the program?

Any women who is:

  • Pregnant with her first child and is before the 28th week of pregnancy
  • Meets income requirements

How to enroll:

Call the Erie County Department of Health Nurse Family Partnership at 814-451-6733 to make a referral for yourself or someone you know who may be interested. A nurse will call you back and explain the program, answer your questions, and set a time for a home visit.

Nurse Family Partnership Referral Form

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