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Who We Are and What We Do

Northwest Regional Highway Safety Network is part of the health education division at the Erie County Department of Health (ECDH). This project is funded by a grant from PENNDOT which covers a region of 6 counties: Crawford, Erie, Forest, Mercer, Venango and Warren.

Highway Safety partners with police departments and other agencies to provide lending materials, trainings and education to various community groups.


The purpose of this grant is to coordinate comprehensive highway safety education and enforcement for northwestern Pennsylvania.

VisionDriving Clear

Our goal is to reduce the number of highway related deaths and injuries which occur on northwestern Pennsylvania roadways.


Educational Programs for Schools

  • Survival 101 - Topics include:  unsafe driving practices, crash dynamics, consequences and preventive safety measures. (for high school students)
  • The Back is Where it’s At - Topics include: booster seats, proper use of seatbelts, entire family belt usage, back seat usage for under 13 years of age, and air bag deployment. (for elementary school students)
  • 16 Minutes - Topics include: impaired driving, youth inexperience, distractions, behind the wheel behavior, agressive driving, and unbelted occupants. (for high school students)
  • Fatal Vision Goggles - Participants experience the visual distortions that result from alcohol and drug impairment.
  • Interactive Driving Simulator Program - includes texting and impaired driving.

Teen Driver Competition

Erie County's Annual Teen Driving Competition occurs every spring and is for students with at least a one-year unblemished driving record - no crashes and no moving violations (parking tickets do not disqualify). Participants could win up to $1,000! This competition helps students to acquire a good knowledge of the road, and have an acute awareness of their surroundings. Their attitude about safety will last as long as they drive, and hopefully be emulated by their peers.


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