Health Department

The Erie County Department of Health is responsible for inspecting and licensing over 1,600 retail food facilities throughout Erie County.  This includes restaurants, grocery stores, cafeterias, mobile food vendors, and vending companies.



Application for an Annual License (Must be submitted and approved by the Department prior to any opening, new construction, remodeling, or change of ownership)

Pennsylvania Food Code - Chapter 46

FDA 2017 Food Code (adopted as part of Chapter 46)

Fee Schedule (includes application fees and license fees)



Temporary licenses are issued to each food facility at an event, i.e. fair, festival, carnival, etc. Fees are charged per unit per event. 

Application for a Temporary Food License (single vendor) 

Coordinator’s Application for a Temporary Event (multiple vendors) 

Fee Schedule (There is no application fee for a temporary license, just a license fee.)



PA Food Code Chapter 46 Update

Boil Water Order – Food Safety  

Canned Foods

Consumer Advisory on Menu

Cooling Tips

Date Marking Guide

Deer Processing

Duties of Person in Charge

Emergency Reference Guide (laminated cards available upon request)

Essentials of Proper Sample Distribution

Fire – Food Safety  

Flood – Food Safety

Food Safety Fundamentals

Hand Washing  (stickers available upon request)

How to Calibrate a Thermometer

How to Sanitize (manual dishwashing procedure stickers available upon request)

Log Sheets:

Refrigeration Temperature Log Sheet

Hot Holding Log Sheet

Cooling Log Sheet

Power Outage – Food Safety

Responding to Vomiting or Diarrheal Events (cleanup procedures)

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