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A Community Health Plan is a dynamic vision for improving and ensuring population health. In Erie County, this plan is based on the findings of a comprehensive Erie County Community Health Needs Assessment. It considers a wide range of health determinants and health inequities including social, economic, behavioral, environmental, and cultural factors. The scope of this plan requires collaborations and partnerships across a broad spectrum of community organizations and populations. Finally, implementation of this plan and steady progress toward its goals rely on a formal Erie County Community Health Improvement Plan which includes evidence-based programs that are monitored, measured, and evaluated for efficacy. Such a system allows community partners to gauge their progress and make adjustments as needed.

The Erie County Department of Health is an active member of the Erie County PartnerSHIP and provides leadership for both the Erie County Community Health Needs Assessment and the Erie County Community Health Improvement Plan.


Community Health Needs Assessment

Community Health Improvement Plan

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