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Responsibilities of the Coordinating Committee


The Chairman of the Coordinating Committee shall be elected annually by and from the voting members of the Committee. The Chairman, during his term, shall have the right to vote on all issues. In the event of a tie vote, the motion is considered defeated. 

It is the duty and responsibility of the Coordinating Committee to direct and control the policies and objectives of the Erie Area Transportation Study, with due regard to the requirements and recommendations of its several represented agencies of government. 

The Coordinating Committee shall establish quarterly meetings as well as any additional meetings it deems necessary, or as called by the Chairman. 

The Coordinating Committee shall, at it's discretion, have the right to approve or disapprove the selection of all alternate and final land use and transportation plans based upon but not subject to a recommendation by the Technical Committee.



It is the duty of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to study and report on the technical aspects of projects and programs as directed by the Coordinating Committee, and to initiate studies and recommendations on technical aspects in pursuance of the objectives of the study. 

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