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Subdivision Fee Schedule

Subdivision TypeFlat FeeAdditional Cost Per Lot
Replot $50.00 N/A
Minor Subdivision $50.00 $10.00
Major Subdivision Preliminary $150.00 N/A
Major Subdivision Final $150.00 $10
Land Development Plan $150.00 N/A
Subdivision Waiver Requests $50.00 N/A
Modification Requests $300.00 N/A
Escrow $500.00 N/A


As defined in the Erie County Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance

Replot: The change of a lot line between two (2) abutting existing parcels not intended to create a new parcel and where such lot line change is in full compliance with this Ordinance, any local zoning ordinance and related ordinances, rules and regulations of the County. A replot which involves the creation of new lots or involves more than two (2) lots shall be treated as a subdivision.

Minor Subdivision: A subdivision having ten (10) lots or less, which has all lots fronting on an existing street, and which does not propose any new streets, sanitary sewers, water main extensions, stormwater management facilities, or other improvements to be offered for public dedication.

Major Subdivision: Any subdivision which fails to meet the requirements for qualification as a Minor Subdivision.

Land Development: Any of the following activities:

  1. The improvement of one (1) lot or two (2) or more contiguous lots, tracts or parcels of land for any purpose involving:
    1. A group of two (2) or more residential or nonresidential buildings, whether proposed initially or cumulatively, or a single non-residential building on a lot or lots regardless of the number of occupants or tenure; or
    2. The division or allocation of land or space, whether initially or cumulatively, between or among two (2) or more existing or prospective occupants by means of, or for the purpose of streets, common areas, leaseholds, condominiums, building groups or other features.
  2. A subdivision of land.
  3. "Land Development" does not include development which involves:
    1. The conversion of an existing single-family detached dwelling or single-family semi-detached dwelling into not more than three (3) residential units, unless such units are intended to be a condominium;
    2. The addition of an accessory building, including farm buildings, on a lot or lots subordinate to an existing principal building; or
    3. The addition or conversion of buildings or rides within the confines of an enterprise which would be considered an amusement park. For the purpose of this subsection, an amusement park is defined as a tract or area used principally as a location for permanent amusement structures or rides. This exclusion shall not apply to newly acquired acreage by an amusement park until initial plans for the expanded area have been approved by the proper authorities.

Escrow Note: The subdivider/land developer shall be responsible for all costs associated with engineering review and inspection as required by the Erie County Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance. The subdivider/land developer upon submittal of the application shall pay an initial escrow fee in the amount of $500. Once escrowed funds are depleted, no further plan review and inspection activity will take place until such time that the escrow account is replenished. Upon completion of review and inspection activities by the County engineer, any residual funds in the escrow account will be returned to the subdivider/land developer.

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